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    He's been tryin' to update mine for couple years, or so, with no luck!:p
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    or at least ACT like you do..... :mad:
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    Depends if they had reason to believe it wasn't too deep. o_O

    I was headed south to see some customers & came to a flooded crossing. No way of knowing how deep it was until a 18 wheeler plowed thru it & I could see how far it came up on his tires, so went thru. Later, I came on another one & no one to be my guinea pig. The thing that occurred to me was with it still raining, these kind of places could get deeper!:eek: I didn't want to get stuck down there, unable to get home because of high water. I chickened out, turned around & headed home.:oops:

    One of only 2 times weather took me off the road, in 18 years!
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  8. animalspooker

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    Hadn't seen your post TM! Brilliant minds......!
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    That is James Spann.

    He did not say that.

    I wish he did, because that is funny.

    Even if he did, I doubt it would hurt him any. This guy is a crusader against man-made global warming, a signatory of the "Evangelical Declaration on Global Warming," (, and he is outspoken in his Christian and conservative beliefs.

    As a side note, the only slightly risque thing I have ever known him to utter is a reference to a strip club that is a local landmark. There is a small town called Dora. Dora gets hit by a tornado every time Alabama has a really bad tornado season. Dora only has one landmark, and that is a strip club called Wesley's Boobie Trap. This is a place that is famous for its rough-looking strippers. When I was in college the rumor was that it was home to a one-legged stripper and a midget.

    Because it is the only landmark, and because Spann is otherwise a paragon of virtue, there are entire betting pools based around if and when he will name the club on a given year, and how many times.

    It is such an exciting event that the regular local news outlets report it as news. Younger generations who missed that really rough chunk of the '90s and early 2000s where Spann was forced to say it near-weekly treat hearing it as a right of passage.
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    Yeah.....And it comes back up in technicolor......
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  11. Speaking from personal experience? :p
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  12. TXplt

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    I beg to differ.

    Ballsy would have been (after traveling about 10 miles down a dirt road on a classic TXPlt short cut aided by topo maps and interpretation thereof) our road ended abruptly (contrary to the map) just short of highway 287 (where we wanted to go) at a fairly shallow but maybe 40 yard wide bedded stream (with rocks)--and jumping it/plowing through it with a Ford Mustang (there was no habitation anywhere close except perhaps flagging someone down on the hardball and explaining to him your car was adrift).

    After carefully contemplating it and (wading in) checking the depth we chickened out and backtracked.

    It was a good ORM decision (we didn't lose the car) but I'll spend a fair chunk of life wondering if we could've made it. Wonder if the wondering was worth the cost of the car. Perhaps I'll put it on the bucket list if I get rich.
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    BTDT, in the 70's I did, in deed, prove that VW bugs do float, just like the commercials...
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    I am going to plead a Hillary......................I don't recollect anything!
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    So did I. I'd just spent a week working in the Texas Panhandle & wanted to get home. A gully washer came up & at an intersection in a little town north of my home, felt my Volkswagen starting to float sideways! Luckily, it hit a high spot & I got enough traction to get on thru.:)
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