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  2. Now Biden says he got to the senate 180 years ago!o_O
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  3. COVID-19 testing;)
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    Just noticed something.

    Anyone else think that Jed Rees the actor that played the shifty scumbag recruiter character in the first Deadpool movie would be perfect to play another scumbag named Adam Schiff?
    Rees: Agent_Smith_Deadpool.png
    images (13).jpeg
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    back in the late 60's I saw one tied to a tree - in the middle of a flood!!! :eek:
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    Lol...reminds me of something we did in college. There was a fraternity which was notorious for a big lead in to one of their blow out parties; elaborate signs which started several weeks before their event with "The Party...." all over campus. These changed to "The Party is Coming......." the next week with their plan the last week to advertise it with elaborate signs where and when.

    Well, towards the end of the week after "The party is coming" signs were all up we jumped their claim (with a whole bunch of cheaply made and copied signs all over) saying "The Party Is HERE" -- and putting OUR organization's information on it with time and date.

    It was brilliant lol.
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  7. Well at least 2020 won't go down as the worst year ever...;) onthelighterside.jpg
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    Here is the bad news.
    2020 is NOT over yet... :eek:
  9. You just had to remind us, didn't you :confused:

  10. Just a little levity...if you right click on the meme it is titled onthelighterside....;)
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    How many fossil fueled engines did they have in that period?

  12. And today the democrat's are blaming all of that on Trump!
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    Something to ponder!!
    Highway to Hell.jpg
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    Absolutely agree with this 100%. :usa: