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    Who else remembers, Archy Bunker and the Jefferson's? :)


  2. animalspooker

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    He can't 'visualize' the situation....

    Well, he may actually get to be 'IN' this situation if things don't get better.
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    “I would never have told anyone about that if it weren’t for the revelation that the videos were created of my cheerleaders without their knowledge,” Wells claims to have told Lisa Banks, an attorney representing 12 former team cheerleaders. “I was embarrassed and scared if I said anything I might be fired.”

    What a pu**y!
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    Man That is funny bud sad. Its like a Russian Roulet pistol. You pull the trigger and not sure if he one is in the chamber or just a click.
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    I just flat don't believe that report! Anybody with any sense would know that with all they have to do to get the job, then keep the job, they can't help but be skinny! Would have to literally be stupid to make such an unnecessary request! Anyone ever seen a professional cheer leader that was fat??:p
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    I'm sure it was mostly the "big t*ts" part that was offensive.

    They certainly aren't necessary for a cheerleader.

    To me, the flexible 98-pound A-cup-gymnast, who can be thrown to the top of the pyramid, put one leg behind her head, and then backflip off the top of the pyramid and land in the splits, is every bit as sexy as the working-her-way-through-college-stripper with big-fake-D-cups at the bottom of the pyramid.
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    I wouldn't argue that she's sexy.

    But for a cheerleader I gotta see those jumblies jumbling so I can keep track of the substance of what they're doing. Anything else and I gotta watch the pom poms (which as any guy knows are only there for a convenient excuse to wives for when their husband's head goes a bobbin around that you can blame it on the pom poms).

    Split the difference. I'll take the gymnast with real C+s doing backflips and catapulting her way to the top.
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