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    The one conciliation prize is that when you look at the horrible things done in Germany, Russia, China, Cambodia, Bosnia/Serbia, Jonestown, Venezuela, etc. you won't have to get on a judgmental high horse and exclaim "How could they let that happen--How could they DO such things as human beings ?!!? How could all of them get drawn into that crazy paradigm"

    You're living it.

    It's just a matter of degrees and how far ya get towards the end point.
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    He removed diddlers and sex offenders from society, he is a political prisoner and needs to exonerated
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    TRUE STORY: A friend of mine had a female Rottweiler, and his girlfriend had a male long-haired Chihuahua.

    In theory, not only should these two breeds not be able to breed on a genetic level, but the logistics are insane. So, even though neither dog was fixed, they never expected anything to happen.

    Through sheer tenacity, though, that Chihuahua managed to father a litter.

    Eight pups were born, but only three survived. One looked like a tiny rottweiler, one just looked like a slightly oversized black and tan chihuahua, but the third poor pup had a bad case of little dog body and big dog head.

    If he tried to stop too quick, it would end up on its head. when he went to pee he would do a headstand, and the absolute funniest was when he heard the can opener hum. That pup would spin his wheels on the linoleum, finally get some traction, and then take off like a bullet. There was a 90 degree turn past the counter, though, and that dog would flip on it every time like an F1 car into the tires.

    That was the sweetest dog, though, and it never let anything hold it back. It would do chin-ups up the stairs because his front legs weren't tall enough to pull him up.
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    That one beats the two beagle/pekingese mixes my father got from somewhere.
    And I bet they were smarter.
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    200 (1).gif
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    Well, at least they didn't breed a bulldog with a shih-tzu.

    Imagine the embarrassment that would cause when you tried to explain the breed to another.
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    Hellllll Noooo. They look better on her.