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    I would have included it but not my meme got it off the Market for Levin Fan Group.
    I often call him the Kenyan Catamite. The later meaning gay boy toy similar to dancing boy.

    Wait a minute.. Wouldn't that have made Michael err Michelle the first First Fudge Packer?:D
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    Hey, look what I found. I was going through some old boxes and found one of my senior pictures.

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    We were in a hotel in Florida somewhere north of Okechobee in 1990 and were going through the phone book there. There was something very similar with Fred Flintstone.

    Flintstone, Fred....See Slate Rock and Gravel

    Slate Rock and Gravel....See Excavation, Yellow pages

    Then it circled back to Fred.
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    I was supposed to rinse my hands? Dang it I knew there was something I forgot. :p
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    That is going to be LOUD indoors in a brick room and tile floors!
    Everyone seems to be enjoying it though.
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  8. Kinda like a 1911 in 9mm. lol


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    I had to kid one if my nephews, his girlfriend had a 1911 in. 45acp, and he went out and bought a 9mm! She went ahead and married him anyway!
  10. I have all three plus a 1911 in 10mm.

    What Does that make me?
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  11. Sounds like the guy I use to work with who had the 500 S&W. I asked him if he was making up for what he was lacking. lol
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