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    James Drury from the TV show "The Virginian " was another fast shot with a revolver. I saw an exhibition many years ago in Port Arthur, TX. He fired 3 shots from a single action revolver fast enough that you only heard 1 shot!
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    I love the new press secretary. :usa2:




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    I still miss Sarah Sanders!
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    Gray Wolf: Sir; adding :)

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    Lol that picture reminds me of the farmer and his wife who visit a rancher and the wife observes the bull over the course of their visit mating with 100 cows.

    She quips ‘perhaps you should study him and perhaps he’ll show you how’

    He responds ‘yup he’s a heck of a bull but it sure wasn’t with the same cow.’
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    So do I!
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    We gotta take back our country. :usa2:

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    YEP, I will gladly bring some rope!
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  10. I saw this in a friends feed on Farcebook, but the image is only part of the story. I could like the post and comment but not share it, ended up right clicking, doing "Save As" and renaming it then making a new post which I did along with the comment below. Now the Image might offend some, but the Censorship should offend Everybody!
    Speaking of "No Air Time" and Invisible, This was on a Friends feed... I could read his post, and I could Like it, but even when clicking on it and opening it in the pop-up the "Share" button was missing, but not on the posts above and below it. So tell me again how facebook has no Bias.
    (maybe if that's repeated enough everyone will believe it, you know... Like the Nazi's did during WWII to make it look like they had the total support of the population without any dissenting opinions).

    The only way I could post this was to save a copy to my computer (I renamed it), and repost it by creating a post.

    Silent Majority.jpg
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