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    I don't know about that - have you ever been downwind of a pig farm? :eek:
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    It's nasty, that's for sure. Lefty and Merle have a point, though- Pig waste has a particularly hellish smell that defies the laws of odor physics.
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  5. Believe me, it's not a smell you're likely to forget.

    Growing up I lived about a half mile from a farm that at best might be called a shite hole. The chicken barn was about 100 x 40 feet and had at least 4 FEET of compacted manure and dead chickens in it. There were still live chickens in there and no ventilation.

    One summer the state health department found out it, did an investigation and the owners were given 30 days to clean up or face having the entire farm condemned, being forcibly evicted and have to pay for the site clean. So what did they do? They took front end loaders, dug it all out and spread it on their fallow corn fields. During the hottest, most humid quick in August.

    We lived just north of this mess and with the prevailing wind from the south, there was no escape from the stench. We didn't have any air conditioning, so we couldn't close up the house and that smell invaded everything! I swear I could still smell it in December, long after they'd finished.

    I've smelled pig waste and it's delightful compared to that.
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    Smells like a good hay season and fat cows to me.
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    I've flown over manure slurry ponds at 8,000 feet on a hot day and got a bump from the rising hot air and it lost none of it's potency. Really stinky.
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    This is Kaitlin Bennett

    She is a gun-loving Ohio college student Conservative journalist, who wore an AR-10 in her graduation photos.

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    I watch her liberty hangout channel fairly regularly. Ranges from comical to insane with the reactions she gets from people in public. I recommend
  12. 2018. Kent State U. Wore the gun in her graduation photos the day after she graduated.

    Not too far from me.
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    information: Learn more :)

    Topline: Right-wing internet star Kaitlin Bennett was forced to leave Ohio University on Monday after hordes of protesters chased her off campus, cementing her status as a figure celebrated in right-wing circles, but reviled by left-leaning college students.

    • Bennett first gained social media fame in 2018 when a photo, which shows her carrying an AR-10 rifle in high heels with the message “come and take it” written on her graduation cap, went viral and earned her the nickname “Kent State Gun Girl.”
    • Before that, she was an outspoken gun rights activist at Kent State University and the president of the university’s Turning Point USA chapter, a right-wing youth nonprofit that says it promotes “freedom” on college campuses (but has been dogged by allegations of racism).
    • Bennett has since parlayed the attention into a career as a right-wing internet personality, becoming a target of ridicule on the left—especially on college campuses—and celebrated in pro-Trump circles.
    • She has also served as a correspondent for Alex Jones’ InfoWars, was invited to the White House by the Trump administration for a personal tour and has a history of inflammatory statements about LGBTQ people.
    • Most of Bennett’s videos show her walking around college campuses with a microphone, asking students about hot-button culture war topics, such as cultural appropriation or abortion.
    • Her channel, “Liberty Hangout,” has 416,000 subscribers and features videos like “Liberals Are Hypocrites,” “Kaitlin Bennett Owns Pink Hat Ladies” and “Dems Embrace COMMUNISM.”
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    Remember the guy that rented a helicopter, bolted in a wood chipper and fed it pork parts?
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    No redcaddy, I don't. Please elaborate!
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    Biden says he can't wait to find out who he picked as his VP candidate!
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