The new dem tactic to win

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  1. Howdy,

    Well it looks like this time, the Dems are going to go to court BEFORE and election to get election laws changed!

    The dems are worried that Torecelli cannot be replaced this late in the game and want to go to court to sue, to be able to install someone who may have a snowballs chance in hell of winning the seat Torecelli is vacating at the last second (Now that the world is sure he couldn't win running against a goat!)

    The new Democrating Motto-
    "If at first you don't succeed, subvert the law. If you don't think you can succeed, subvert the law before hand."

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    SEE MY REMARKS AT "i wanna punch..."

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  3. Uhhhh

    Howdy PapaG!

    Uh, call it a brain fart on my part! I didn't recall seeing that anywhere on the board.

    But it still bites the big one, doesn't it?