The not-so-Finer Points of City Living.

Discussion in 'New Shooters' started by likeaboss, Sep 5, 2010.

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    I hear ya. I live in the far south burbs of chicago and I cant find a place to shoot. I know there around but you need permission and people dont want to give a stranger permission to shoot on their land. Ive been going broke using ranges (uggg). Yea I know I need a friend...
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    I know what you mean I live in the UK and you cant' shoot anywhere at all without permission and in some cases the land as to be checked by the police to see if it is safe.I have what we call an open certificate so I can shoot on land that the police havent checked and I use my own judgement as to weather the land is safe.We have to jump through hoops over here to get a firearm, I think you guys are so lucky as to what you can have over there.
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    I grew up in the country, now live in town. Yep gotta watch it with my BB gun!
  5. Five blocks away from Taxpayer Field, in Murderpolis, Minnesota.


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    i could fill a photo album if I wanted too of all the drunk passed out people i find in bushes, gutters, under cars, in other peoples truck beds, or right out in the street.
  7. I lived in a crap hole area between Norfolk and VA beach for four years until last summer. between nightly shootings, robberies, murders, rapes, attempted break ins on my home ect I have seen it about as bad as it gets. Living in the city SUCKS.....
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    I guess PA is really one of the only states with state run shooting ranges? Or am I wrong on that?

    I'm just glad they exist in PA!

    Also do you guys not have clubs near you? Where you pay yearly to use the facilities? Because here in PA we have many around us.

    The one charges like $75 tops per year to be able to use everything they have to offer. Then like $55 if you just want to use certain things.
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    We have a few "close" but the dues are much higher than that.I would love 75$/year.We dont even know what that is Although there is alot of country around me ,I just havent met a person who will let me use thier land to shoot. The last club I looked into wanted 275$ first yr and the 150 per after that, plus 10 hrs work for the club which I dont mind, I just cant afford to hand over that much $$ at once.. With all the open area around here there should be many more places to shoot than there are...If I had it all to do again Id buy land out of town and set my own little range up for myself,friends ,like that, but ya know what they say "wish in one hand"...
    Just be glad you can carry in your state. Illinois is the last state without some kind of carry law. I wish they would divide this state at I80. N and S Illinois , I know the laws would change then ,in the soutern part anyway!! .. Chicago just ruins it for the whole state.IMO
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    That is one thing I am very lucky about, so I'll count my blessings! also, I do have a public range about 8 mi from my house. Which is great, but, sitting on a bench shooting at paper does get a bit old. I'd like to be able to do some more "Run n Gun" type stuff which would require land. but again, gotta be happy with what you have, not what you have-not.
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    9mmXDm, Missouri has several shooting ranges across the state that have been built by the Dept of Conservation. There's a few basic rules, of course, one of which is 'clean up after your shooting session' can guess the results of that one.
    Most shooters will police their brass but are too lazy to walk the 100 yards to police their target remnants. Some of them, also, apparently like shooting up the wood framework.
    This is a main reason landowners won't let people shoot on their land...shooters don't police themselves.
    I hated city life eventhough I had access to a great shooting facility within 15 minutes drive so I moved to rural MO. I mean rural...we have to drive 11 miles for MacDonald's (if we wanted a Big Mac which is seldom) lol
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  12. 9mmXDm

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    You have these problems in PA.

    PA Range Rules ( Pennsylvania Code )
    "(1) Rifle and handgun ranges are open from 8 a.m., prevailing time, until sunset Monday through Saturday and from 12 noon to sunset Sundays, unless otherwise posted; except the Sunday immediately preceding the regular antlered and antlerless deer seasons and the regular bear season, when the hours are 8 a.m. to sunset.

    (2) A range may be reserved for exclusive use by an organized group from January 1 through October 1. An organized group desiring to reserve the range shall make necessary arrangements through the appropriate regional director or a designee at least 20 days in advance.
    (3) An individual may not use the range when in use on days when it is reserved by an organized group.
    (4) An individual or an organized group using the range is responsible for keeping the area clean and free of debris, and may not discard, deposit, leave or throw litter except in approved refuse containers. Range users shall remove targets from range backboards when shooting is completed and prior to leaving the range.
    (5) The Commission is not responsible for anyone injured on the range. An individual using Commission owned ranges does so at his own risk and assumes all responsibility for injuries to a person or property caused by or to him.
    (6) When more than one person is using the range, a range officer shall be designated.
    (7) An individual under 16 years of age may not use the range unless accompanied by a person 18 years of age or older.
    (8) The appropriate regional director or designee may close a range by posting signs to that effect.
    (b) Prohibited acts. At a rifle and handgun range located on land under Commission ownership, lease or jurisdiction, except when authorized by the appropriate regional director or a designee for military or law enforcement training, it is unlawful to:
    (1) Possess a loaded firearm, except at an established shooting station on the firing line.
    (2) Discharge a firearm, except from an established shooting station on the firing line at a paper target placed on a permanent target backboard.
    (3) Discharge armor piercing, incendiary, explosive, tracer or multiple projectile ammunition.
    (4) Be intoxicated, use or possess an intoxicating beverage or controlled substance on the range.
    (5) Possess an automatic weapon.
    (6) Possess, load or discharge a firearm that contains more than three rounds of single projectile ammunition, except as provided in subsection (c).
    (7) Shoot clay birds anywhere except areas designated by the Director by signs stating that clay bird shooting is permitted. (c) Exceptions for a handgun range. At a Commission range specifically designated as a handgun range, it is permitted for an individual to load and discharge a handgun containing a maximum of six rounds of single projectile ammunition at any one time. Other rules and regulations pertaining to shooting ranges under Commission ownership, lease or jurisdiction shall be in effect."

    *I don't think it is in there but at the rifles ranges you are only allowed 3rds in your magazine at all times.

    I also see people just leave their brass on the ground. I'd I got a shovel I'd go around and dig it all up and put it in a bucket and take it to the metal place to turn it in for cash. But I find the 9mm's and .40's and some .45's and put them in baggies and give them to my coworkers who reload.
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    Yeah we have a few in MO. problem for me is they all been on a remodel which is good in the long run. they said the jay heeges range will be done in october. woot woot. and their alot cheaper than private ranges. Jarhead where you at? Id like to see a missouri get together for G&G