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    If people only read the papers or watched the news, they'd think the NRA is a bunch of guys in suits, a faceless bunch known as the "gun lobby."

    But you and I know better. You know we're family. And here's a story that proves it.

    Fritz Rundell was the auctioneer at the Chafee County, Colorado, Friends of the NRA banquet the other night ... when he got a last-minute item to auction. The Friends of the NRA committee asked him to auction one more firearm, with the proceeds to help pay the medical bills for Cody Buffalo — Fritz Rundell's grandson.

    They didn't have to offer the gun for auction, but they did. Those in attendance didn't have to bid, but they did. And let me tell you, the final bid for that gun was five thousand dollars - plus another five hundred dollars the crowd donated to help with medical expenses for Fritz's grandson.

    That young man, Cody Buffalo, was recently diagnosed with lymphoma. I know he's in the hearts and prayers of all NRA members who've heard this story.

    And even if nobody in the national media ever reports the story of what happened at the Chafee County Friends dinner ... you and I know that we are the NRA, and we're there for each other, just like family should be.

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    my prayers go out to cody. why this is so troubling is I use to live in chafee county colorado. and my best friend has lymphoma. my prayers will be with him.i dont live in chafee anymore but his name sounds familir and i might even actually know the kid. im gonna look into it . god bless everyone

  3. The Latin root . . .

    from which media and mediocrity originated say a lot about the
    mass media and I would note it is especially true for America's
    mass media.

    Sadly, it is quite difficult to get the world out that many of us
    have advanced college degrees, no criminal record, a history of
    gainful employment, and a history of decency/kindness with our
    fellow citizens.