The Old 'Hiding In The Ceiling Panel' Trick

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    Yo 1* seems I find a lot of these dumb crook stories comeing from we need to send you all some our more sophistacated criminals?

    The Old 'Hiding In The Ceiling Panel' Trick

    HOUSTON - It's not often that a suspect falls into the hands of the cops -- literally. Police in the Houston suburb of Brookshire busted a would-be burglar at the B-and-B Supermarket. The suspect apparently hid in ceiling panels after the store closed, but he set off an alarm. Police were searching the store, when the guy came crashing through the ceiling. Police say he had pocketed some prescriptions from the store's pharmacy. Formal charges against the man are pending. (AP)
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    I have a bunch of old Shooting Times mags w/ the dumb crook line ups. need to dig them out and post a few.

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    I saw something similar on "Americas dumbest criminals", great show if you want a laugh.