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I was looking for a general collecting forum to post this in but couldn't find one so I'll put it here.

Early in my collecting 'career' my brother and I were visiting the Melbourne FL gunshow. It wasn't the greatest show ever but it was the closest to our hometown so
we frequented it quite a bit. There were of course the many vendors and the smell of leather, gun oil and Hoppes #9, (heady stuff, love that smell).

But there were the 'other' sellers. These were the guys with a folding table loaded with rusty junk that we sniffed our noses at. One guy though...he had a rifle, about the only recognizable thing on his table.I looked at it and fondled it. The wood was a little beat, not terrible, the metal had bare spots and some rust. The chamber looked good, the bore was good. The only real downside was that the mag was missing.

The seller was a grumpy old fart who wanted me to buy or move on. He tried to tell me that the rifle was a WWII German semi auto. Well the only full bore German semi
autos that were built were the G41 and G43 (the latter I want!) and I knew it was neither one of those. The fact that he apparently didn't know what it was put my guard up a bit.

He wanted $200 and wouldn't budge on the price so in the end I left it laying. When I got home I welded myself to my PC and perused rifle pics till I found it. 'IT'
was an FN-49, I think Egyptian but I'm not sure on that. That was on a Saturday with one more day to run on the show. I got up and drove the thirty miles to the show the next morning but the old dude and his table were gone...sigh.
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