The Price of Freedom

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    How much is freedom worth to you? For Derek Hoskins, freedom is worth at least $650 each month. That's how much he pays for gas so he doesn't have to live in his native state of Massachusetts. Hoskins couldn't stand the gun laws in the state, so he moved to New Hampshire.

    And he's not alone.

    The Boston Globe reports the state has lost more than 300,000 residents this decade, and one in three people born in the state no longer live there. The only reason the state has seen a modest population increase is because of the number of immigrants who have moved in. The anti-gun and anti-freedom policies of the state are not only driving people away, they're putting the state in the position of not being able to afford its Nanny State mandates.

    The cradle of liberty is digging its own grave.

    Will the political leaders in Massachusetts realize the harm their policies are visiting upon their state before it's too late?

    Or will they continue to advance more government and less freedom?

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    I would like to see all the anti-gun, anti-freedom folks all move into a group of adjoining Nanny States and watch their crime rate go up as criminals feel safer in states that keep their citizens unarmed.

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    Wouldn't that be nice?