The Rag Man

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  1. Hey Mark take time out of your busy schedule and read The Rag Man.

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    I did good reading.Alot of truth to it.Thanks
  3. Did you understand everything?
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    AlanC: Good post. I enjoyed the story. Makes a person think how lucky he is.

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    So far as I could tell I did.
  6. This is a modern day story of Christ as he was dying taking on the sins of the world--our dirty rags. And after his resurrection we were clothed in new garments.

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    Thanks alan...
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    Very nice Alan, very nice :) :)

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    Deep man, very deep

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  10. Mandy how is the hurricane effecting you?
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    Is there a hurricane?
    I guess that 'cause I'm leaving tomorrow on a cruise ship (The Adventure of the Seas) I haven't been paying attention to the news or weather (so much to do and no enough time).
    It's curious that I've been paying attention to G&G humm.
    I'll be wreck diving and shark feeding this week.
    I'll definetelly tell you about it.
    Talk to you in about a week

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  12. Have a good time dude. Isadore I hope it's not a problem for the Texas coast.
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