"The Recession is Over?" Is Obama on drugs?

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    New York
    I picked up the local free paper last week to try and get the primary results for my Congressional district, the county executive race, and the primaries in my town. This is not the sort of thing you can find online or in the NYC papers. I found out what I wanted to know, but I found out a lot more.

    I live in the smallest county in New York State. There are plenty of ranches in Texas bigger than my county. I suspect there are about the same number of people living in my county as were in the town I grew up in near Boston when I lived there.

    There were four pages of foreclosure notices in that paper, 35 of them in all.

    There was an article about a factory a couple of towns over that has been around for 100 years and is now part of some conglomerate closing next year.

    There was a news bite of filler that noted the average American's job search is now up to eight months from layoff to re-employment.

    There were practically no Help Wanted ads in the paper.

    There were a lot of ads for people selling things.

    The ads for tag sales had a tone that to an experienced tag-saler like me says the people are holding the sale to make money, not get rid of too much stuff.

    Now along comes the Doofus-in-Chief with comments like this in an interview:

    "Even though economists may say that the recession officially ended last year, obviously for the millions of people who are still out of work, people who have seen their home values decline, people who are struggling to pay the bills day to day, it's still very real for them," Obama said.

    A woman who said she was the chief financial officer for a veterans' service organization told Obama, "I'm exhausted of defending you, defending your administration, defending the mantle of change that I voted for, and deeply disappointed with where we are right now."

    "Is this my new reality?" she asked.

    Obama told her, "My goal is not to convince you that everything is where it ought to be. It's not." Still, Obama said that things were "moving in the right direction" under policies he has put in place.

    One does have to ask this question: Just how gullible does Obama think the American people are? All you have to do is ask yourself, "Are you better off now than you were two years ago?" and you'll be able to answer whether or not the so-called "Great Recession" in fact ended in June 2009 as the Obamination claims it did.

    Here's a report on the interview.

    Recession pain still real, despite end, Obama says - Yahoo! News
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  2. Yes, I read about Academic Economists

    I read this mornings story about Academic Economists stating the recession ended, I think, in June, 2009.

    Just a few days ago I read stories about how one in seven Americans was officially in poverty and about how fourteen point five million people were unemployed (per the government's always low ball estimation).

    So, if you think a recession has ended I suggest visiting any one of the fourteen point five million unemployed. I doubt you will have to travel very far to find one.

  3. Just more pre election propaganda from the Democrats trying to get you to think that they saved the world again.. (oh brother)
  4. Yes, It Is True Cyrano

    But the train wreck is still on the track....
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    They truely believe that we are still the sheeple that we were 3 yrs ago, that can be the only explanation .
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    NBC ran the news clip of a lady asking Obama about the lack of progress. He basically stated I took the job of President because this country needed fixing and I am not done yet. Then they went to the streets and interviewed New Yorker and told them that the recession was over according to the goverment. Every single person said your kidding right? You can not be serious? Do they seriously think just because they say it is over than that means it is?

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    The Recession is over...we are Now in a Depression. I have been out of a job for a Year Now...I'm Depressed.
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    Media says the recession is over,if anything gets worse it will be a new recession.:261:
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    I have to agree. I heard the same things " the recession is ending" thinking to myself WHAT?...Then in the same news break I heard the 1 in 7 is jobless, and I know that's a LOW ball figure because I assume they only count people who are receiving unemployment benifits. What about the people who have run out of unemployment and the peolple who couldnt/didnt get it .I shutter to think of what the real numbers are. ALOT of the people I know are out of work or working 2 low paying jobs just to get by. I dont know what the answer is and Im not the guy to figure it out but I know that "Hussein" is NOT the answer either. I heard on the radio he has spent more in 2 yrs, than Bush spent in his 8 years as President.I dont know if thats true but it probably is. We need someone who knows that 1 person cant have all the answers and will approach the financial crisis in that way. "Change we can believe in " what a JOKE! If Barry was any kind of man he would realize he is in WAY over his head and resign.
    Mooseman you are right we've moved from recession to depression , its just no public figure wants to be the guy to say it ...
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    Believe it or not we were in worse condition at the end of bush's second term. I have seen construction resume in recent months that had been halted giving jobs back to those that had been laid off. The stock market has climed over 3000 points since bush. I could get into a pissing match about the Real Estate but im not even going to bother with that one. Heck even my fathers Painting business has picked back up. In the more wealthy cities and couties the recession is over for the most part. The poorer counties are still stuggling but that because they didn't have much to begin with. I guess what im sayin is it all depends on where you live.
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    Didja have to shoot the moose in yer avatar to get food? I prob would have. :crying:
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    Not even close. Obama has spent little over 2 trillion bush spent like 6 trillion
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    New York
    Were we, Sober? Were we really in worse condition when Curious George was driving the boat?

    Yes, the real estate bubble burst at the end of his watch. Yes, we had a financial crisis worse than anything we've seen since his father was in office. Yes, the war in Iraq was still being carried by American and coalition combat troops and not the Iraqi Army.

    But since the Obamination took office, the foreclosure rate has climbed to heights unheard-of in our history, worse even than the 1930s under Roosevelt. I will concede that much of that was due to the banks having made insane mortgage loans to grossly unqualified applicants starting back in the Slick Willy Administration, but that's by the way. The so-called mortgage relief program the Obamination and his lackeys created has proven to be worthless. Perhaps 35,000 home nationwide have been saved by that program; hundreds of thousands more went into foreclosure and we haven't seen the end of this tragedy yet.

    The economy has endured an overall loss of jobs that is appalling.
    Bobo and his fellow Democratic clowns have not been able to either kick-start the economy or even to create a new WPA-type program that works. All that money intended to stimulate the economy and rebuild the infrastructure, especially the latter which heaven knows is in desperate need of repair and renovation, has gone to the big banks and is sitting there in their vaults. As far as I can tell around here, the only people who have benefited from it are sign painters, who have put up a bunch of signs at various sites saying the project is being funded with stimulus money.

    I note that on NONE of these sites is any work actually being done. The only thing that indicates any work is even being contemplated... are those idiotic and frankly offensive signs.

    The Dow-Jones Industrial Average does not tell the whole story by a long shot. That tells you the average worth of the stocks and the companies in the Industrial Average and nothing more. It may tell the rich who own large blocks of stock how much money they can expect to make come next dividend time, and it may give them information on how much they could get for their stock if they chose to sell it or borrow against its value, but it's not a reliable economic indicator for those farther down the food chain.

    We, the worker bees, look at who's hiring; what are they paying; what benefits are they offering; what jobs are they hiring for; where the jobs are; and how far your money goes at that location.

    What we are seeing is: nobody's hiring a lot of people, in fact they are laying off workers and working those who survive the layoffs harder with longer hours; the pay is stagnant at 2000 AD levels while prices for everything have risen, in some cases substantially; benefits have been trimmed; jobs are migrating overseas to cheaper labor markets, including tech work that paid very well; and our money is not going anywhere near as far as it used to.

    1 in 7 Americans lives in poverty. For practical purposes, pensions in the private sector no longer exist. 401Ks are a joke. Congress, having treated the Social Security Fund as its personal piggy bank to be raided at whim for 40 years, now is faced with having to fund the program for those who faithfully paid into it with a reasonable expectation of getting a steady if not large payout from it when they retired (essentially, it's supposed to be an annuity) with no money in the till to pay it. We have people being forced from their homes due to foreclosures, tax rates so high they can't afford to live where the jobs are - assuming they still have one - and nursing home programs deliberately set up by the government to bankrupt those who need the care they can provide. It's going to get worse.

    Sober, please don't tell me that things are getting better. I happen to live in one of the counties in this country that is on the list of the 20 highest tax rates in the nation. Things are not getting better here. For instance:

    * The local free paper's Legal Notices had 34 foreclosure notices in the election results edition.

    * A factory which employs 400 people, that's been in existence for 100 years, will be closing next year. The corporation that owns it doesn't want to spend the money to upgrade the plant and is "consolidating operations."

    * There was a plea for help from the county food bank. They are seeing a phenomenon that is increasingly common in America: the people who used to donate regularly to the food banks are now having to become clients of the food banks.

    We as a nation are definitely a lot worse off under the coldly calculating Obamination than we were under the bumbling Curious George.
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    Those aren't the numbers I've seen. Bush took the deficit from 5.6 trillion-11.3 trillion and currently out national debt stand at about 13.4 look here under econimic policy George W. Bush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and check the debt clock for the current debt which is about 13.4
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    Most of these things you state happened toward the end of Bushses second term and we are still feeling the effect. Heck in the last 4 months of his term 1,9 million jobs were lost. I respectfully disagree that we are worse off with Obama than Bush. I know a little something about job loss Boeing has laid-off THOUSANDS of people and I lost my job working for my FATHER! But in recent months it seems to have eased off and some people are hiring again although not many(here in Seattle). Things may not be turning around in your neck of the woods but here they are...well sort of. The new construction next to the airport(Huge Construction) started back up again about 6 months or so ago after sitting Idle for at least a year or more. There are condo's that have resumed construction as well all over the city. I dont mean signs either I mean actual construction. I have alot of friends that all got jobs withing the last 6 months. The stock market was just an example but if the stocks are goin up that usually means the companies are pulling in money which is why their value also rises. Im basing what I have said on what I have seen here and experienced personally and not on what the "news" tells me. Heck I cant stand watching the news anymore its all just BS on Fox and CNN. They are always Onesided slander about EVERYTHING. You wanna be depressed watch CNN or Fox news for an hour. Anyway sorry to hear about your experiences. Hope things look up over there man.
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    FYI...The DEMOCRATS were in control at the end of Bush's second term and got us into this mess. Stop Blaming George and Put the Blame where it belongs.
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    I'd rather go by what the Congressional Budget Office says vs. Wikipedia.
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    After doing a little reading I figured out that we are talking about 2 different things. I was refering to the National Debt where as you are refering to the Federal Budget deficit. The federal deficit is proposed yearly spending against earning and this graph shows that we currently spend 1.2 trillion more than we earn. That graph you posted is the same as this United States federal budget - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. And actully wiki uses Several references directly from The CBO in what is posted in this post. Wiki uses verified sources its not made up.
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    In my opinion everyone in office at that time is to blame. I said Bush's term because I mean the people in office during bushes reign not George as an Individual except in terms of The actual presidency in that case I think Obama is more capable than bush. Im not blaming BUSH himself for crashing the economy .
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