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    Draw your own conclusions:

    Who has been giving money to the Democratic party?
    Which state has the most crippling gun laws?
    Which party has been so strong in enacting these laws?
    Which state would be first in line for an invasion of the contiguous United States?
    Which country produces weaponry in nearly every caliber we have, and in one of the few calibers that we don't? (5.8x42mm)
    Which party has been pushing for registration of guns and large quantities of ammunition?
    Who gave nuclear weapons to Pakistan?
    Which president with whose campaign support weakened our Navy, our primary advantage over certain countries?
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    Answers - maybe.

    Kalifornia by Pacific, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Kalifornia throgh Mexico. Much like now!
    ? China?
    US? Clinton?

    How'd I do?

    I always get test anxiety!

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    As far as what I've read, the Red Chinese as we all know have the most people under arms, as far as foot soilders. Also according to what I've read, they are about where we were in WW-2 as far as conventional weaponry sans nuclear weapons. By this it means that in a conventional war, they would be able to wage it much like the U.S. capabilities were in WW-2. Another way I suppose to look at it would be if for instance we all at once lost our hi-tech weapons, then the forces they could bring to bear in a confrontation against the U.S.,would be superior to what we could do. Of course there is a lot of hypothetical eqautionsthat could be interjected in serveral scenarios.
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    I didn't think this would look like a quiz, I was trying to suggest something. I was thinking since Kalifornia is on the west coast, has a very large coast, has tons of natural resources, and is full of spineless mindless bums (not everyone, but enough to open the door when the Chi Com special ops show up), it would be ripe for attack. The last step is to disarm the people.
    And it was the Red Chinese who sold/gave nukes to Pakistan. It's actually acknowledged by the AP, not just the Paranoid Conspiracy Network.

    My point is that we need to look a bit deeper into the things China's doing to weaken us and why. I personally think it's obvious. Eventually, after even more of our companies move there, they'll cut us off.

    They took up arms against us in Korea. They supported the North Vietnamese. I think they backed out of the Soviet Bloc when they saw that the USSR would fall, and saw an opportunity to avoid Russia's problems and take it all for themselves, a little later, with our commerce to fund their operations.

    I think we should look around us and talk to people about what we know. Tell them to look for the next step, and when they see how things are progressing, maybe they'll believe us when we talk about the need for personal defense. Also, don't buy Chinese. Buy anything but Chinese. If China's the only one that makes it, make it yourself. Fix your old TV, or better yet, shoot it and go without the liberal propaganda.

    "You cannot invade the United States. There will be a rifle behind every blade of grass." -Japanese Military Commander, WWII
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    Hooker- Here's the truth about the Chinese armed forces: Most of their army are peasant soldiers, guys who couldn't find girls because their parents could only have one child, and they'd abort girls in order to have a male child. Many would join the army in the hopes of going to another country and finding a woman. My Taiwanese roommate told me this. I read about the massive peasant army elsewhere. They flaunt their crack troops to make themselves look better than they are.
    Secondly, they have the men, but they don't have the landing craft for a large scale invasion. That's why invading Taiwan would be so hard.

    That's why I think they want to weaken our navy, so that we'd have a harder time intercepting them. Also why I think they want KA and nukes. The nukes will throw us into a frenzy while they land in pacifist KA. They'll then hold KA hostage while landing more and more troops, slowly but surely, while our guys in DC will be too worried about catching KA in the crossfire. They'll see KA as hostages, not fellow soldiers, and they'll compromise. The UN will step in like the principal finding the school bully punching you, and make you both apologize and compromise instead of expelling the wrongdoer. All because right and wrong have faded into "whatever you believe is right."
    That, as opposed to realizing that God is the one that's right and that we are not God.

    This is just my opinion, except for the last line. Not a prophecy, not even a prediction, just where things look like they're headed. Maybe they'll change course, but that change has yet to happen.
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    We think because we have superior tech. on our side we should have no fear of WW2 tech?Especially in the numbers the Chinese have?
    After a few strong EMPs how do you think we would really measure up?
    It is not a good idea to look down ones nose and underestimate our enemies!:eek:
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    We have little to fear from EMP. The effects are very localized. Industrial and military sites would have to be individually targeted. It would be impossible to knock out any significant amount of our electronics. I suspect major underground facilities are "hardened" against EMP with extensive use of Faraday cages, isolated ready spares, fiber optics, and possibly vacuum tube technology. I suspect that we also have some powerful beam weapon missile defences set up. I have reason to suspect that about 10 years ago there was a breakthrough in high energy lasers, apparently using plasma to create a very efficient laser combining features of Gas and Free Electron lasers.
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    well for what its worth whether its WWII technology or todays, the bullets still with us, basically unchanged and either one will kill'ya.i for one beleive the CHI/COMS will wait until all of our manufacturing base is overseas. then turn on the heat, and we won't have the tools, training, and the time to rebuild that base in short order. however i am willing to surrender kalifornia!!!!!, long as the good people have a chance to get out, and leave the lefties to sing the praises of chairman mao!!!!:rolleyes: :D
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    I actualy believe we are too dependent on tecknology....I got out of the Marines in 1989 and GPS was just comeing into play...people getting to the point now that they cant read a map or compass....same with Radio communications...once had an exercise were Radio Battalion jamed our radios..miss communications ect...had companiesgoing in circles, squares ect... same with someof our smart weapons..take away GPS satalight or two and they become very expensive paper for the WWII surplus stuff....welp a round from an AK, SKS or Mosan Nagant will still mess up your day...and the Chinise have what 10million "Pesents" in the army....10 million pesents fireing only 1 30 round mag is 300,000,000 to hit something with that many shots....and we got some WWII stuff still floating in the Navy...I was on LST-1179 (Newport) and it was a WWII ship.
    I read in the newspaper that there are 1.5 million security guards in America...I THINK that is more people than we have in the US Army...I know the Marines only has around 180,000. All these cut backs and stuff is going to "F" us up if the cacca hits the fan....
    Of course we are over looking all the people who live, visit from China and other countries...Im sure they would never do anything illeagle like blow up a bridge, train, power plant or unleash chemical or biological weapons...
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    I agree that we should not become too dependent on high tech gadgets, but find it hard to beleive there are grunts that can not use a compass or read a map. Some technologies, like GPS (or the several other such systems in use) are fairly robust. To knock out GPS, DOZENS of satellites need to be destroyed or disabled. "Jammed" radio communications is a real problem. However, few countries have the technology to effectively do so, and the effects are localized. I do like technology that works, like the Patriot missiles, excellent record of shooting down incoming SCUDS in Deasert Storm. Oh that reminds me, here is a pop quiz.

    Most of the US casualties were taken when a SCUD scored a direct hit on a barracks. The SCUD got through because:
    A. A Patriot was fired but missed.
    B. There were no Patriot sites nearby.
    C. There was a Patriot site nearby but they were out of ammo.
    D. There was a Patriot site nearby, ready to launch and tracking the missile, but the commander deliberately did not fire on the incoming SCUD because he miscalculated the trajectory and thought it was going to miss.
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    In answer to your pop quiz, I am going to say none of the above. I thought the scud got through because it got hit by the patriot but the war-head didn't explode before it hit the barracks. I also have heard that the success of the patriot missile intercepting other missiles was made to sound a little bit better than what it actually was. If I am not mistaken, the patriot missile system wasn't even designed to be a missile intercepting system.

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    The answer is D. I even have it on videotape. Right after the attack, a reporter got to the patriot site and got the commander explaining what happened. It was the only time I EVER saw that clip. I had my VCR running at the time so it is taped. Later the army tried to imply there was a prboblem launching the patriot, rather than admit that they DECIDED not to shoot. The patriot was designed to hit fast moving planes and cruise missiles; it also turned out to be good at hitting some types of ballistic missiles.
  13. I've been onto this for some time now. My personal belief is that the ChiComms and the Russians are at least partly behind the terrorism. One of the KGB's chief means of getting things done historically has been through proxies and cut-outs. I believe one of their chief proxies is the Russian Mafia, who have made significant inroads to the US crime world. The ChiComms, I believe, are using more traditional means of subterfuge such as spying and buttering us up with trade, cheap goods, etc.

    Bottom line: they're both spoiling for war. We better get our **** wired tight and keep our eyes open. For those who think the ChiComms can't do it ask yourself the following question: how many troops could you bring over in complete concealment in a modified look-alike container ship? A, technically, Hong Kong based firm - Hutchison Whampoa - is headed by a guy named Li Ka-shing. Li has extensive ties with the Chinese gov't and military (it's even been rumored that he's a PLA colonel or general under civvie cover), as everything in a country like China is basically gov't and military, regardless of what the soft-hearted and soft-headed think (Bill and Hill, Gore, Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer). Hutchison Whampoa has now gained control over both ends of the Panama Canal through leasing rights, etc. They've also built the world's largest container port at Freeport, Bahamas. The ChiComm shipping company COSCO (China Ocean Shipping Company) is little more than sealift for the People's Liberation Army that busies itself hauling freight for cover and to bring in hard currency for the gov't. They also have many port facilities leased in the US mainland, including a former military base in Oakland, CA. How's that for a prepositioning base?

    I suggest all you guys and gals visit the following links:

    At the second site there isa forum that's worth a look. It's pretty much a free for all that even includes some pro-Russia types and the usual assortment of NWO/UN conspiracy believers, but there is a good group of level-headed events watchers and "dot connectors".

    Check it out.
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    Anybody read the book "The Bear and the Dragon" by Tom Clancy? It's fiction but it's still an interesting read. The Chinese invade Russia, and the US helps Russia to kick them out.