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The veto of two self-defense bills by Virginia Governor Tim Kaine has infuriated many gun owners in the state. Kaine campaigned as a guy who wouldn't sign gun-control legislation, and would respect the rights of gun owners. But the veto of these two bills shows us that Kaine's support for gun owners seems to only come out when it's politically expedient.

Take, for example, Kaine's displeasure with the fact that Virginia Attorney General Bob McDonnell signed on to the amicus brief that 30 other state Attorneys General supported in opposition to D.C.'s gun ban. Kaine isn't willing to say that D.C.'s ban on firearms in the home is unconstitutional, because (in the words of his spokesman) he's not the "governor of D.C."

That has to be one of the dumbest arguments I've heard lately. A lots of folks have given their opinion on the D.C. gun case, and most of them don't live in the District of Columbia. With an issue that could affect every American, it's no surprise there's interest from around the country. But when a politician tries to straddle the fence between his pro-gun constituency and party leaders who are anti-gun, it's no surprise to hear the ridiculous stated with a straight face.

Tim Kaine doesn't support allowing restaurant owners to decide for themselves if they want to allow Right-to-Carry. He doesn't support common-sense measures like allowing legal gun owners to lock their firearms away in their car, rather than having to display them in the open. And he's not telling us whether he thinks it's okay for the government to ban firearms in the home.

I don't know about Kaine's aspirations for higher office, but I do know gun owners won't forget these positions the next time they have a chance to vote.

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