The reports are in-The BEST burgers are.....

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  1. Here ya go what are the best burgers around?

    I have never had the 5 Guys but the In and Out are pretty good burgers. I dont really care a lot for their fresh french fries though.

    I think Famous Daves BBQ has the best burger I ever had. But probably not that big of a chain to make the chart.

    What do you think about this list?????

    Consumer Reports Readers Rate The Best Burgers - Yahoo! Shopping
  2. texnmidwest

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    Say what cha may.....Whataburger is still my favorite for burger in the box type food! They dont have them up here.

  3. You folks have never had my grumpy burger when I was still a short order cook I made the best danged burger you ever ate still do. But then I guess I is a tooting my own horn!
  4. SwedeSteve

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    The small guys do it right !! Used to be a Jam's burger here in Anchortown that made a hamburger so big and fat you couldn't hold it with one hand !! And not because of the bun !! But I still continue to say that nobody makes as good a burger as you can make at home on a charcoal grill !!
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  5. Charcoal is the key, gas grills never can touch the taste of a charcoal grilled burger or steak for that matter.
  6. Cyrano

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    New York
    I agree with you, Steve. Nothing beats a home-cooked burger done right. You can really customize the beef (I do things like mix fresh onion and Worcestershire sauce into the beef and I only use 93% sirloin - I'm a ground beef snob, what can I say?) and put on sauces you can't get in the restaurants.

    One of my favorite Penthouse articles ever was written in the mid-1970s. "Yuck! The Great American Hamburger" reviewed all of the Big Mac-equivalent burgers of the national burger chains. I still treasure the review of the Dairy Queen Triple Burger, which included lines like, "The burger had all the flavor of three slabs of the asphalt parking lot;" "It was so big, it was like trying to eat your own fist;" and "Of all the burgers we tested, this was the only one I couldn't (or wouldn't) finish. I took mine home to the dog, which had been bad lately."

  7. I like to mixWorcestershire sause, musterd (not alot) a little garlic salt, a little a1 sauce and some Monterel Steak seasening then mix it all together then get the grill going and use Mesquite charcoal and then throw on some alder smoking chips just before I put the burgers on so they have a real good smokey taste to em....I feel like im missing something but cant remember If I do I will edit my post.
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    Lets take this this to the Favorite Recipe Forum. I want to here about favorite recipes and fixings. Also how you dress that burger up and how you cook it !!
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    The thread is up !! Do you dare enter ?? It's a Gun and Game Challenge !!
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    5 guys have the best burgers I've ever had in a fast food joint, hands down. Of course they also cost about $10. Worth it in my opinion though. They are insanely delectable...
  11. petrol

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    5 guys is good. None in so cal yet though. They are heavily endebted to in n out though. In n out is the best burger for under $5. But the fries are [email protected] Fat burger is amazing but you won't get much change from a $10 bill. I love to check out the local spots whenever I travel.
  12. ottawa rogue

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    + a million on the charcoal vs gas. although i'm not much on worstce...however you spell the durned thing:D
    i usually mix in a little lowry's and some fresh pepper and toss 'em on the grill.

    if you want a real treat, try and find some buffalo burger and mix in a pinch of bacon fat.
    not so much for the taste, but buffalo is soooo lean that it's hard to get a decent patty that'll hold together.

    there's a buffalo ranch about 2 miles outside of town, and if buffalo isn't your thing then the Mennonites around here raise elk for beef.
    and they make the best bread....umm ummm
  13. Buffalo is good stuff! I havnt seen it to much at the store lately, (havnt looked for its, its not cheep lol) but the few times I have had it it was really good stuff.
  14. Top Three

    1) Fuddruckers - they use lean steak and not just plain hamburger

    2) White Castle - Known as sliders along with a box of nails (FF)

    3) What-A-Burger - Excellent tasting hamburger
  15. SKS NOOB

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    I prefer Milo's any day. Of course, I would have to go South for those. Ain't none in this Yankee territory. :tragedy:
  16. Plumber

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    Ox Yoke Inn is the best around here.
    Lions Tap a close second.
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  17. Plumber

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    WHITE CASTLE? I guess it's like my Mother always said. "There's no accounting for taste".:D
  18. CalifgirlinOk

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    My burgers are the best. If Seabee says any different I'll :chairshot::slap::spank:
  19. OK I'm confused I see people bragging up Whattaburger, but the ones I've tried were bland and forgettable. The were plenty big, but nothing i'd want again.
  20. You can't beat 5 Guys. Pricey, but worth it. 4 burgers, 2 orders of fries and 4 drinks will cost you almost $30. The orders of fries are huge for those of you who haven't been there before, easily enough for 4 peaople.