The Road

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  1. Vel454

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    How many of you have seen this? I think it's the best TEOTWAWKI scenario movie I've seen. That movie, more than any other has got me moving to get geared up and prepared. Thoughts/comments?
  2. H&R12G

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    I asked on another thread but cannot find the post so I gotta ask again. What is TEOTWAWKI?

  3. PAPA G

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    The End Of The World As We Know It.
  4. Vel454

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    You'll see two different abbreviations for the same idea, but to different level;

    SHTF - Sh!t Hits The Fan, i.e. Haiti, Katrina, Might even include the civil war and stuff like that in there.

    TEOTWAWKI - Explained Above, i.e. World-wide epidemic to an I Am Legend degree, Massive meteor strike, Global scale nuclear war... Basically anything that completely erases government, the economy, etc. 90% of the population destroyed and all that, entire world is in complete survival mode.
  5. H&R12G

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    I get it now, thanks guys.
  6. Vel454

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    Think so? It was slow, granted. But I liked it. Different strokes for different folks I guess. =P
  7. CalifgirlinOk

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    I have never seen the movie but I did read the book. It is worth reading.....
  8. Huey Rider

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    Read the book also but have not seen the movie. The book was not an action thriller but more of a phycological narrative on how, in that scenerio, EVERYTHING, all actions, thoughts, goals,reasoning, etc. is based one one thing and one thing only... SURVIVAL of you and those you love. Good read. Slow in parts but a good view of human nature.
  9. larmus

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  10. Dragunov

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    I seen this movie. I found it very insightful and well thought out. Not an action movie, but an interesting one.

    Emo's shouldn't watch it. It will probably drive them to suicide, it's pretty dark.:p
  11. TACAV

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    Ive seen it, good movie.
  12. A-10

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    I hated it. It was so darn depressing.
  13. big shrek

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    Depressing, but a pretty realistic view for Hollywood.
    TEOWAKI-type situations are dark & depressing by nature.

    Decades of nastyness, with minimal hope for the future, dotted by occasional locations of moderate sanity run by nice guys with big guns.

    Think "Logan's Run".
  14. Vel454

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    The slow, dark and depressing side of it, is what I liked. I Am Legend gives people the idea that they'll be free to race around an abandoned city in a brand new sports car as they please. Postman gave the idea that most of the world will still be in tact and is filled with romance. 28 Days later is just completely in left field.

    I thought The Road was a very good view on what a true TEOTWAWKI world could be like. Virtually 98% of the population gone. A world of just nothing. They captured the realistic ideal that 'yes, I am going to die someday soon... Everyone is.' Openly talk to his son about ways to commit suicide because everyone eventually does it, etc. It's very dark, very sad and hard to watch at times, especially when your a parent. I thought Mortensen (sp?) did a great job as an actor, capturing the absolute panic "I will f'in destroy you for risking my child's life" when he caught up with the guy that took their cart. I felt a very deep pain/connection with the actor at that point... Amazing movie for what it's goals where. If your looking for action, romance, a happy ending, or anything else found in most traditional movies, this isn't for you. If you want a sobering view of what a truely f'ked world could be... this is it.
  15. CrazyIvan

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  16. Vel454

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    I'll definitely pick it up! Movies rarely do the book justice.

  17. sunwheel29

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    Great book. Haven't seen the movie as it went straight to video and the only video store in our town went belly up....

    Another good book is "Emergency: This Book Will Save Your Life" by Neil Strauss. True story of a hip trendy lefty guy getting wised up about survivalism and pragmatic life skills.
  18. BarryHalls

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    Movie was ok. JUST graphic enough. I wanted more closure. I REALLY wanted more Teron, sigh. . . Oh well.