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  1. Got everything taken care of for my purchase permit, paid for it and picked it up yesterday. Now the search begins for the handgun. All the "gun shops" around here are pawn shops and I don't trust them so i'm probably going to the gun show next month and see what I can find.
  2. What are you looking to purchase???

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    Good luck and have fun in your search. Find a good combination between your gun and holster (and belt).

    I have 5 different guns that are concealable. It's reassuring to have them if I need them.
  4. i want the XDm 4.5" in 40s&w. I actually found one on for sale on a forum but i need to find an FFL.
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    I'm not familair with the purchase permit you mentioned. You cannot openly purchase handguns in NC without one?
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    WHOA NOW! I find pawn shops to be as honest or more so than dealers at gun shows.Pawn shops depend on local return trade so they usually are fairly square because they want your return business.I find often dealers at gun shows have no compunction like that thinking they will never see you again so if they shaft you a little so what.The good dealers are the ones intrested in giving you info on their home/private business.All in all,I find most are "honest",they just don't furnish info you don't ask about.If you want a good honest deal you or someone with you should know quite a bit about firearms.
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    I was wondering the same thing!
  8. nope, in North Carolina actually you have to have a pistol purchase permit to buy a handgun and also a crossbow. I was crossbow shopping the other day and found this out after I only bought one permit rather than the 3 i had the option for.

    I was going to do a transfer from a friend in south carolina but id feel better knowing my guns are in my name.
  9. Its not the guys at the pawn shops, it is the guns and how they were taken care of by the previous owners. My cousin bought a Benelli nova pump from a pawn shop and when he got it home, no firing pin. Also, the bolts that hold the trigger assembly in were missing so the guy put screws in there that are too long, so when you carry the gun you have to be careful so the points on the screws don't cut your hand. That can be rather frustrating.

    Not all are like that i'm sure. It sucks living right on the state line when it comes to buying handguns. especially since the good pawn shops are in South Carolina.
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    Sounds like more gov. gold diggin'. I hope they didn't cost you much.
  11. it is a process of going to the sheriffs department and dropping off the form to get the NICS federal background check, then if they feel the need to talk to you, they will call you and schedule an appointment to meet with them so they can make sure you have good moral and everything, and then if you get approved from that (I didn't have to do that) you go and pay 5 dollars and you get a permit that says its ok for you to buy a pistol.
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    Do you have to do this with every dang pistol you want to purchase?

    Or is this permit good for a year or more and you can buy as many as you want while it is valid?
  13. well when i went to buy my permit i was approved for 3 at that time so i could have gotten all 3 and bought 3 guns but after that, yes you have to do that every time you want to buy a handgun.