The shooter in the east...

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. oneastrix

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    Just an pisses me off. I'm watching the local news. They are, as predicted, showing a pic of an bolt action rifle, and calling it an assault weapon! Then they showed an M1A and held up a .223 round next to it! M1A was so dang sweet, it had to be a Hathcock White Feather model...

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    Gungrabbers are gonna be all over this! If you aren't a member of the NRA everyone, join now because theres gonna be a big battle pretty soon! Their gonna need the war chest! :mad:

  3. PAPA G

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    You best better believe it!!!! theres going to be a big push for more laws. those among us better get off their duff's and help out. no clues, no evidence that i know of, no witness's but they have got it all figured out, shooter and weapon, GOOD GOD!!! what next??? maybe they come after me since i can easily fit into their profiles!!! i didn't know there's a 5.56mm M1a!!!! that must be one rare puppy in it self:rolleyes: :fuss: :fuss: :assult:
  4. oneastrix

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    What exactky is a high powered rifle? I might be mistaken, but I thought a firearm was nothing more than a tunnel and a trigger. The news just held p a .223 and said, "They were fired from the high powered rifle." OK, wow, dumb *****es, anything that hits me is going to be considered high powered in my opinion!

    Isn't actually the round that is high powered? And they weren't wounded from the same weapon, they were wounded by the same MAN!
  5. Shaun

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    Okay well everyone needs to stock up on ammo then because if they can't get the guns then they will go after the ammo
  6. I wouldn't at all be surprised if they're drafting up some pile of crap law banning .223 ammo or even .223 weapons, which brings me to some thing else, are the counties/area this is happening in have ultra restrictive gun laws such as those here in PRK or new york?
  7. oneastrix

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    Yes 8mm, the killer is hittin gin an area where the gun laws restrict the public from arming themseves....Very left wing...
  8. well hell no wonder he's struck 5 or 6 times in the same general area, heck i would to if i was gonna do some thing like that, why risk being shot back at??
  9. Benny

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    Here's a thought... the gun grabbers will classify ammunition as "an explosive device" since it contains an "explosive charge." The left sure does like playing with words...

  10. BenP

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    Only black powder is an explosive, and is classified as such. Modern smokeless powder is a propellent, similar to that used to maneuver the space shuttle while in orbit.
  11. Klaus

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    Primers still contain explosive compounds.
  12. BenP

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    Actually, I see the opposite effect, which may be why the gun grabbers are keepin' their heads down. They put some of the most restrictive gun laws in the country in Maryland, and look what good it did them. Whether the media picks up on this or not, expect to see it in a lot of op-eds.
  13. Shaun

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    1000 primers are equal to a light duty grenade according to Winchester
  14. Jesse

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    Just upgraded to an NRA Life member this weekend on the easy pay plan. If you guys want to join an organization that will give you leagal help I highly reccomend the Second Amendment Foundation. They also warn you of pending legistlation on the state and federal level. Good info. to have for the next decade.
  15. GOA is also a good organization to be a part of.
  16. PAPA G

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    logic and common sense are thrown out the window when dealing with the anti's. they will tag ammo as an explosive because its an attention getter, if nothing else. i can't remember who but years ago some senator tried the ban ammo attack, said it was away of getting around the 2nd amendment argument.:mad: