The Skin Gun

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  1. chesterwin

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    This isn't about a firearm but an amazing medical break through....

    If you haven't seen this, it will blow your mind! WOW!

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  2. SwedeSteve

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    I cried while watching this. I lost a few great buddies due to burns that they couldn't recover from. I also have known young kids that have been burned badly. May God bless Jorg Gerlach !! This is truly amazing technology.
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  3. CrazyIvan

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    That is amazing. I guess this could work on scars & injuries as well huh?

    Anyone remember the Dermal Regenerator from Star Trek? It is wonderful how so many of these science fiction ideas have become reality:

  4. dills

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    i hadseen this on national geographic, absolutly amazeing! im hopeing new break througs like this keep on comeing... Stem cell research anyone im for it
  5. dills

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    just like with buck Rogers and other science fiction led to many break throughs..
  6. I actually saw this a while back, amazing how far medice has come.