The Spanish Civil War

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    I have been reading the events that led to the start of the War.

    The riots against the church, business, and conservatives started a swing in politics. The left or Republicans took control. No religious teaching, churches burned, priest shot. Any evangelical was shot.

    Three years later Franco started the war by revolting against the communists.

    The scary part is the killing of priests and nuns starting in 1931. They just got away with it.

    As the Old Spain was pushed aside the Nationalists revolted.

    There were death squads on both sides. Probably around 200000 were billed that way.
    If you identified as religious you were shot, no trial. On the other side if you were identified as a socialist or Communists you were shot.

    Read and study this and see if it doesn't parallel where we are going.
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  2. PaleHawkDown

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    The scary part is just how many factions there were in the Spanish Civil War. Orwell related that factions who were technically on the same side spent as much time fighting each other as the enemy.
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  3. SaigaAK74

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    The old saying goes "History repeats itself"
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  4. blaster

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    what is now happening in this Country now has happened before in every revolution or revolt throughout history.;) if our "leaders" don't get off their collective asses and do something, we will be going the way of Russia, China, Venezuela and Cuba! :mad:
    I personally have had enough! I had to quit reading & watching the videos of those vermin mobs running un checked! seeing it makes me want to gear up and start killing Commies! I wish that couple in M.O. would have opened up on that mob and greased them all! if those pieces of crap came marching down my street tearing stuff up and burning, a lot of them won't be going home to supper!;) at my age, prison doesn't scare me a bit! not that going to prison for standing up to a mob that wants to overthrow our Gov't and Country should even be a consideration but look how that chickenshit prosecutor is trying to arrest and vilify that couple. she and all the other Soros funded politicians should be the ones facing prison for sedation or treason!:mad::mad::mad::usa2::usa2:
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    Here in Kentucky we have basically the Castle doctrine. If you set foot on my property and I feel threatened you are in a heap a trouble boy as I am not required to retreat and can defend myself!!! I'm a 72 year old codger who is not about to take a beating from a bunch of thugs !!
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  6. Rocky7

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    Never pick a fight with an old codger. If he feels threatened, he'll just kill you. :)
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  7. runfiverun

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    I'm conflicted about the mob wanting to change the country thing.

    it say's straight up in the constitution that it is not only a right but a responsibility of a citizen to correct a wayward government.

    in our eyes the schmuck schumers and drunken nancy's are the ones that need removed and things set right again.

    in theirs it's the president ruining the way the country is operated.

    of course they are wrong constitutionally speaking in the letter of the writings.
    but are they constitutionally wrong for wanting to change the country?
  8. BigEd63

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    Communism and a Constitutional Republic are mutually exclusive to one another.

    Not open for debate.

    At least not for me.
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  9. PaleHawkDown

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    I can't remember which case this was, as there have been so many recently, but I am reminded of something I saw on the news not long ago.
    A reporter asked one of the mob tearing down a Confederate statue why they didn't vote to have the statue removed.

    The mob member said that the city HAD actually put the case to a vote, and the majority voted to keep the statue. This has actually been the case in nearly every statue or flag referendum that has ever been put to a vote.

    It is the right of the citizenry to correct a wayward government, but we already have institutions in place.

    Correction through violence is a last resort, and only in cases where the government refuses the vote, or chooses to do the opposite of what the majority wants.

    A person's rights only extend to the point where they do not interfere with another's. These mobs are circumventing the will of the people, they are destroying property installed and upkept by the tax dollars of the majority.

    We have the complaint box. When it fails we have the ballot box. When it fails, we have the jury box. If that fails too, then - and only after any other option has been tried - the ammo box becomes an option.

    These idiots went strait from the complaint box to the ammo box.
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  10. runfiverun

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    I don't remember but iirc somewhat close to correctly it was also a very small number of people [can't say citizens because they were still subjects] that done the same thing in about 1775 or thereabouts.

    I'm not supporting their actions.
    I'm just wondering if the shoe was on the other foot if it would be okay [constitutionally] or if this is wrong because it isn't correct according to those same guidelines. [never mind the moral issues]
  11. Rocky7

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    That depends on whether they win. Whether they win depends on us.
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  12. PaleHawkDown

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    I don't recall them doing the same thing. They spent years sending couriers back and forth to England. In 1701 the Pennsylvannia Charter set out the first promises of liberty.

    People protested specific acts of oppression; taxation without representation, travel restrictions, the vetoing and/or delaying governance of immediate importance, King George circumvented both the British Parliament and the colonial legislature to impose restrictions, the denial and suppression of rights granted to nearly every other Crown citizen, the inability to naturalize non-Crown citizens as Americans, the violation and denial of property rights, the creation of a completely bias judiciary, the quartering of troops in private residences without any compensation, the granting of that military of power independent from, and domineering of, that of local government, dissalowing all trade but that which went through England, for ending trial by jury, for "commandeering" private property without compensation, for press-ganging men and boys into naval service, and more.

    Patrick Henry began making impassioned speeches.

    Eventually a group of men wrote up a highly thought-out Declaration of Independence.

    The British attempted to disarm the local militiamen and this turned a peaceful decleration into a war.

    You want to compare that with, what these idiots are doing?

    Have these protestors been attempting to go through official channels for decades? It doesn't seem that way. Several of these people have been interviewed who have literally never voted in their lives.

    Did they lay out official resolutions enumerating their grievances and listing their freedoms?

    What even are their grievances? Some form of police oppression that led to less deaths of black people by cops than what have died in these protests due to other protestors? We're six shootings deep into CHAZ at this point in just a few weeks. We were only nine police shootings deep in all of 2019.
    Statues? Federal law declares all Confederate veterans as American veterans. Congress declared that all veterans monuments are to be protected. Even if that were not the case, these idiots have not stopped with Confederate monuments, but have instead destroyed monuments to black soldiers, manumissionists, abolitionists, the people who set the framework for America's freedoms, explorers, ex-presidents, victims of terrorism, those who died in America's wars, and more. Clearly there is not grievance here as there is no pattern or logic to their destruction.
    Do they have any specific grievances at all? All I hear are nebulous grievances of "systemic racism" - something we only know exists because of the circular logic that denial it exists proves its existence.
    Are these people fighting for liberty or equality? They seem to only argue for more legislation, more oppression, less freedom of speech, less national pride, less personal responsibility, less humor, more separation, more prejudice; they are the antithesis of "Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness."
    Have they been taxed more, had their freedoms taken away, been given less than others, been denied the right to ply a trade or earn a wage for their labor?
    They are the ones looting, pillaging, quartering themselves in the homes of others, demanding others pay - they ARE the oppressors.

    Their entire platform seems to be:

    1. "I like destroying stuff, but I don't really know why, and I am too ignorant to know what I am destroying, and all for some nebulous grievance that makes no sense in context."

    2. Support me and submit to my will.

    3. That isn't good enough; now BOW TO ME.

    4. Whitey is bad, and all whiteys through history have been bad.

    5. Orange man bad.
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  13. blaster

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    ^ well said!
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  14. Mowgli T.

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    I think it fair to look at all history. The would include Europe in 1348. It's also important to look at all aspects events that are happening to use now.

    A rambling rant: Personally, I feel it is important to realize first amendment protestors are one thing. Those people who are breaking into shoe stores, methadone clinics and drug stores are another.

    On the Forth I give some time over to watching "Gettysburg. I have two relatives there. One each in the Tennessee Brigade and the other in that of Georgia . Both survived. Neither of those guys owned slaves. My history is being rewritten.

    I had a set to with the humanist on the historical Jesus. The humanist had a "mythicist" book they reviewed twice. A mythicist is one who believes that no such person existed. The book they were attacking had the opposite with ample solid evidence.

    These people were self-professed liberals. The liberals refused to read the other book. I left a copy. Wonder how long it took that book to hit the trash can.

    I had been asked to do a brief presentation on a German mystic. Permission was withdrawn. I am no longer connected with these people. On the topic of gun control they did not want to hear it. Now these people profess openness and welcoming to all. Ha. BS to the core! Some people can morph into what that hate without realizing it.