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The Sun Never Sets On Cool!!

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Calvin, Apr 3, 2002.

  1. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    My dad bought a 454 Raging Bull 2 years ago. Just tried it out yesterday for the first time. He's got it topped with a Tasco PDP3 scope. Thing weighs a ton!!!
    Anyway, he's 59, and bought this "for home defense". I told him that it should be used for missle defense, but he didn't listen. Loaded it with the Hornady 325 grain XTP bullets. Rested it in the hood of my truck. He squeezed the trigger, and BOOOOOOM!!!!!!!! It BLEW UP the frozen 2-liter bottle we were using with one shot!! He looked at me with a huge smile, then said "Whadda you think about that?". I looked at my hood. Part of the paint was/is still gone, replaced by a big black spot on my red hood. I looked at him, then said "What about the paint, Dad? How am I going to fix it?". He looked at the hood for a second, then looked at me and shrugged. I just looked at him, then said "You know, if this was your truck, and that was my gun, I'd be in deep s**t right now.". His response? "That's right. Now, what do you think of my toy?". I love my Dad dearly, so I said, "Well, you sure did look cool shooting it." To which, he said, "Son, the sun never sets on cool!". We looked at each other for a second, and both started rolling.
    After we stopped laughing, I asked him if he was going to shoot it again. He said, "Nah, that's okay. If anyone breaks in, and starts up the stairs, it won't be much of a fight.". After seeing that monolith in action, I imagine that the muzzle blast alone would kill a bull moose.:)
  2. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Really shouldn't need the sun with that kinda muzzle flash. Ya'll have some bad motor scooters up in Ohio if that is a personal defence gun. Hope y'all enjoy the hand cannon.

  3. Calvin

    Calvin G&G Enthusiast

    Naahh, not bad. Just a little off center. He really surprised me when he bought it. I thought he was kidding when he said he was buying it, ESPESCIALLY for home defense. It's a good thing that he's 1/4 a mile away from his neighbors' house. His neighbor is glad, too.
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2002
  4. Jack O

    Jack O G&G Newbie

    Well you know what they say "dead men tell no tales" and they can't hire lawyers. Be hard to prove self defence on a B&E they come in the front door and get blown clean across the street. Poor scum bag shoulda picked another house.
  5. Big Dog

    Big Dog Retired IT Dinosaur Wrangler Forum Contributor

    I went hunting a while back with my ex-landlord. He had to sight-in his 30-06, so he lays it across the hood of his brand-spanking new Ford F350, and takes three shots at a hundred yard target.
    I told him he better get a good buffer. He says "Huh?" I pointed to the big burn and dent across the white hood's center ridge. ;-)