The tea party and its candidates

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    I distrust anything that is brought on by 24/7 news coverage and just jammed down my throat.Sarah Palen has the shortest resume/qualifications I ever heard of to run anything,let alone this nation.She was Governor of Alaska and had to quit because it got too rough for her.She ran for VP and lost.She knows how to tell funnies like "I can see Russia from my back door." That is about all the good things she has done as far as I know.And yet the tea party takes her word for gospel.She says someone is right for the job,the TP backs them and gets them nominated even if their best accomplishments are not paying taxes,not keeping up on bills,talking to children and explaining masturbation and dabbling in witchcraft and hanging out with people that worship at satanic altars.And in case no one noticed that Brown that won Kennedy,s seat,votes just like Kennedy would if he were here.I have about decided that the best thing that has happened to keep the democraps in power is this push by the tea party to change candidates.As in Browns (Mass) case,even if the dems lose to what is being run as sonservative republicans,the dems will still get their vote.Also,I believe there are women that can be good leaders,but in the long lineup of women candidates I have seen,I fail to see any one of them that even remotely resembles Golda Meir or Margaret Thatcher,or even Indira Gandhi. (just the way I see it at present,praying things work and I am wrong.
  2. Mmmm,

    Sarah Palin is a creature of emotionalism yet not a creature of intellect.
    She has a place and it is preaching to the faithful. At that she excels.

    At one time America had professional news organizations with true political analysts. Now it is mostly just short stories and glib commentary to fill in the time period between long commnercials.

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    The TEA party is everyday Americans that want fiscal responsibility from government. Less Federal government and increased State level representation of our wishes. In the short time since the movement started, in my opinion, so far the results are impressive. Get involved locally...everyone makes a difference.

    BTW Sam, Sarah is a breath of fresh air and a lil easier on the eyes compared to Nancy, wouldn't you agree?
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    Unfortunately, I must point out your Mistakes Samuel.
    Sarah Has More Experience in Politics than the Current President.

    Sarah NEVER said "I can see Russia from My Back Door", That was said By Tina Fey On Saturday Night Live.

    Sarah Stepped down From Being Governor of Alaska for 2 Reasons, one was the Attacks on her, Her Family, and the frivoulous Lawsuits that were Costing Alaskans Money, and second, because she had ALREADY Accomplished her Goals for Alaska with the Gas Line Deal ,Energy assistance to Alaskans, etc. that 5 Governors before her could NOT accomplish...Not too shabby for First Term !
    She Also decided That Obama was Not what this country needed Policy Wise and decided to stand Up Against His Admin and The Democrats.

    Sarah Is a Friend , and she Cares Deeply about The USA and The People..
    She told You what this Country needed On the Campaign Trail...It was Jobs, Tax Cuts, Business incentives,More energy,..Less Government.
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    Very well put Mooseman. I like Sarah.
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    And I hope with all thats in me that the opinion I am begining to form is "DEAD" wrong.I never wanted to be wrong so bad in my life.
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    I'd be the first to agree than Brown (Mass) turned out to be a RINO of the first order, but I don't believe Palin resigned as Gov. because it got too tough. I believe she resigned because of what she (and several other Alaskans) have said: She couldn't do her job as governor due to all the lawsuits and it was costing the taxpayers money for her to be in court instead of in office. If you noticed, the lawsuits mysteriously ended when she resigned.
    Is she polarizing? Certainly. Is she attention generating? Definitely. She probably gets more publicity than any other political figure if you count both the positive and negative press.
    The thing is the lengths to which the liberals will go to attack her says a lot. They'll pay her daughter's boyfriend to lie about her. They'll call her "totally out of touch with the reality of politics" which obviously she isn't considering the voter turnout she's generating. As mentioned, they can't even tell her and Tina Fey apart. They (NewsWeek) publish a picture of her in jogging shorts and then they (the same people) scream and demonize it like it's a full frontal nude. (Palin herself simply called it sexist.) They'll even rent the house next to hers in order to obtain anything they can put in print. Mainstream media doesn't like her and establishment politicians mock and ridicule her. They blasted her for using GOP funds to buy clothes during the campaign, but didn't say a word about the Dem's paying for Michelle Obama's (who wasn't even a candidate) wardrobe and styling entourage.
    Nixon didn't get that kind of attention during the height of Watergate and Clinton's sexual escapades didn't draw half the negative press this woman is getting. She's obviously a threat to somebody.
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    Mooseman, that is a good analysis of Sarah.In my opinion, Sarah is the first breath of fresh air that politics has seen in many years. She loves our Country and Constitution and, if elected President along with enough Constitution Party folks, Independents, Libertarians, and Tea Party folks to control Congress, we would have the most conservative government in many years. PC (politically correct) would be thrown out and what is best for America would become the important criteria.
  10. Hell

    All we need in the the White House is someone with COMMON SENSE and MORALS.

    Which means, most members of G&G could be siting presidents...

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    Palin showed far more true leadership character and had much greater responsibilities during her time as Governor of Alaska then Obama did during his term in Congress,
    and Obama has yet to show any sign of patriotism.
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    Alaska is unique in the fact it Borders Canada, and only has some water between Us and Russia...and Yes, there are places you can see Russia from Alaska...We have Russian ships that stop here at ports. The actual dealings with foreign Governments are Not a Job Usually Handled By a Governor , but More so by the Federal Government and the State Dept.
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    Well, prayerfully, we can see Mrs. Palin the first Pres. or Vice Pres. of the U.S. instead of H. Clinton. "The people" already messed up with their first African-American president (had nothing to do with the race. Just his "beliefs"). Let's try not to make the same mistake again.
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    I also, have to disagree with you.

    Even if I did not know her, personally.
    I would still say, the same thing.

    During her Governorship campaign.
    She took on the Good ol' Boys, up here.
    And whipped their butts.
    And then commenced to clean house, when elected!

    A blind man, could see the attacks on SP, were/are frivolous.

    Anyone reading this, be honest with yourself.
    Can anyone show me, another female.
    That has been publicly attacked, more then her??

    From the time it was reported.
    That she would accept the VP nomination.
    The far left, and Obummer campaign.
    Has spent MILLIONS of dollars, attacking her.
    Every aspect of this ladies life, has been attacked, and invaded.
    From her giving birth, to a Downs syndrome baby.
    To her daughters pregnancy, to the church she attends. (then being set on fire)

    The question is, WHY do they FEAR her?

    The answer is really simple.
    Because up until, the VP nomination.

    She was a typical middle class American Conservative woman.
    A wife, Mother, Grandmother, has a Son who is SERVING in combat.
    Who believes in simple old school values.
    She is Pro God, family values, guns, hunting, fishing, and the American dream.
    She is plain spoken, yet she speaks her heart & mind.

    This is EVERYTHING, the left DESPISES & FEARS!!

    Lets ALSO be clear, on WHY.
    She resigned as Governor of Alaska.
    Which I agree 100%, and support her decision.

    These are facts, that can ALL be backed up.

    Certain "paid" person's, kept filing ethic complaints on Sarah Palin. (Andree McLeod)
    According to Alaska law, every complaint.
    Has to be fully investigated, and then sent to a bipartisan ethics panel.
    These complaints were defended by, personal lawyers.
    And at NO cost or complaint limit, to the persons, making the ethics complaint.

    The Alaskan Governors salary, is $125,000.00 per year.
    Her husband makes $86,000.00, between being a commercial fisherman & pipeline worker.
    Yet she accrued personally over $500,000.00, in legal fees.
    And the state spent millions, in requests for documents.
    Do to these complaints, in less then 2 years!

    How many folks can afford this?

    As she said publicly.
    "Neither I nor the State of Alaska, can afford these kind of expenses.
    And it would benefit the State of Alaska, if I stepped down as Governor."

    As for the "ethics complaints", the FACTS don't lie!
    EVERY frivolous complaint made, has been dismissed!

    But I would be WILLING to bet.
    Most folks did not know, these facts!

    Personally, I hope that she makes as much $ as she can.
    And continues to inspire, and SPEAK UP, for Conservative values.
    And be a spokesman, for other women.
    Who are thinking about being in politics!
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    I feel not many (any?) have the skepticism I have with the way it is shaping up.This is just my personal feelings.The population is about half again what it was when Reagan was president and even with the increase I see no "LEADERS" since he got out of office. When I see virtually all women being endorsed by the tea party and the crazy things some of them admit to being involved in I think,"people can't possibly want that leading this country.(most men politicians are if anything,worse.) I believe it is the finalization of the feminization of this country.I have never been politically correct and live by the rule,"I don't make love to men,and don't take orders from women."A schauvenist?Yes,but that is what this country,indeed this world is/was based and built on.I really hope and pray that people like Palen and O'Donnell prove to be the strong leaders this country so badly needs.I guess things can't get much worse."Ya pays yo money an'takes yo chances!" This is only my opinion and the rules I live by. (and on top of that,things were getting pretty boring and everyone can hear the other side which is stacked against me.)
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    It's very hard for me to read your posts, Samuel. I'll be the first to admit that my knowledge / give-a-**** about Sarah Palin is pretty low. That's not because I dislike her as a person, that's just my general demeanor. But from what I have seen, that woman takes more heat than any other woman, period. The FEMINISTS worked against Palin on her campaign trail. Why? Because they are liberals, and they don't want a woman in office, they want a liberal woman in office.

    I consider myself moderate/independent, and I am not at all religious. But I can say with absolute certainty that left-wings are not the right kind of people to be in charge of a country. Their lack of common sense and sense of self-worth is disgusting.
  18. O.K. here comes a surprise I'm still with Samuel

    Members of the forum will understand when I say Samuel and I have not always seen eye to eye on a few matters. However, I admire Samuel and respect him.

    I'm still with Samuel on Sarah Palin. Think about what the middle class sees - a woman who abandoned her governorship then put out a book titled Going Rogue. Is this what middle America wants in the White House?

    I still say Palin has a place in preaching to the political faithful. She can be a good party promoter.
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    Well Honestly...In America,You either LEAD , FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY !
    Sarah IS a Leader.
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    ^For a year or so up until the november elections in 2008 We were hearing the same rhetoric about Oboma that is being said on here about Palin.He was a breath of fresh air,he was "change we could believe in",he was smart,he wasn't establishment,he was a "leader",etc,etc.He won by 53%.Maybe Sarah Palen can do as good.I certainly hope so.Then we can get a double dose of "change we can believe in" and everyone will get what they want.I want the present power that be out so bad I can't even describe it.I also remember something like 28 democrats that switched to republican party in the 1990,s right after Clinton was elected and the republican party welcomed them with open arms.Several were elected as republicans and over the next few years the "conservative" republican party I knew and admired changed to the "moderate" republican party and things went down from then on until the republicans lost power and we had a complete democratic takeover,and in the last four years things have really went down.History repeats itself.I see a republican takeover on a conservative ticket and the republican party sliding right back into "moderate".Oboma ran as a moderate conservative.I hope Sarah gets elected by 53% and shows that great leadership by change.We want it.We deserve it.