The Temple of Doom

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  1. Just got done watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom. The movie is set in the year 1935. In the big scene near the end of the movie they are fighting on the suspension bridge in India and Indy cuts the ropes holding the bridge up and most of the bad guys fall into the alligator infested river. But not Indy he is still on the bridge now a ladder up the side of the cliff. They fight their way up and the bad guys are shooting arrows at Indy as he hangs on the broken bridge. The British troops arrive just in time and start shooting their Enfield No.4's at the bad guys and capture them.
    Any idea why that seems strange??
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    Arrows were not invented until 1936.


  3. Easy, the British troops were specially selected to trial the new number 4 rifle before it was accepted for issue.
    It was probably due to these successful trials that the MOD finally accepted this rifle for use and commenced issue in 1939.
    As I'm sure everyone is aware, without a good o'le war to gee things up a bit, military decisions & procurement move very-very slowly! Hence the 4 year gap between development trials, production & issue!!!
    (in my day it took us ages to get metric tools, long after we had Metric vehicles to use them on!!!!)

    Good Answer, eh???
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    Gimme a break alligators are made up animals!!!
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    Spielberg's props department got a better deal on the No.4 rifles..... :)
    I'm betting this movie was made before India dumped all the No.1's on our C&R market.

    Another movie gun faux paux...
    In the second Mummy movie, the cute evil chick (supermodel Patricia Velasquez - yum!) is shooting a British Sten gun at the Good Guys - the movie takes place in the late twenties or very early thirties. The Sten didn't come in til the early forties. :09:
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    And I'll bet that there isn't a real Temple of Doom as well
  8. There is so too and Father Christmas goes there once a year as well!
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    in the holy grail one, he uses a german p38 to shoot through 2 people and hitting a 3rd killing all three of them....
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    hey... since it was mentioned... where can I get an inexpensive No 1? Condition isn't the biggest priority... just needs a decent bore, as it would be a shooter.
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    Try They seem to have alot of them. Some nice some not so. I will warn you though, I may be bidding against you. I'm looking for one too.
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  12. OH? Didn't realize the movie was 1935.

    Like that Jackie Chan movie Shanghai Knights where he and his dippy blonde haired sidekick, Owen Wilson go to the 1900's London England trying to find the killer of Chan's father.
    The scene where Owen, Roy O'Bannon goes up to British Palace Guard talking "shirt", gets kicked in the groin by the guard. Did you see the guard's #4 Enfield. Very prototype don't ya think?
  13. The Blue Max

    In the opening scene of The Blue Max, George Peppard is running across no-man's land in an attack. He hears a dog-fight going on above the frontlines and looks up and is inspired to become a fighter pilot. All the German infantry shown in that scene are carrying No. 4 Mk I's.
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    I wish they'd make a movie of the sci-fi story where Custers troops were paratroopers from Zeppelins, and the Indians led by Sitting Bull were biplane fighter pilots..... THAT was a great "What-if" story! :09:
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    Well Big Dog you should look up a series of books by Harry Turtledove an Author of Alternate Histories if you like that kind of stuff. In his books the Civil War ends with pretty much a stalemate. It then continues on to more modern times where the north and south go to war using weapons much like were available in WW1 and WW2. Very interesting with alliances with European Countries, Mexico etc. Naval Battles fought in the Great Lakes etc. If you know your WW1 and WW2 you will see a lot of interesting parallels.
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    Naval Battles on the Great Lakes? I always wondered why we have Navy stationed there!
  17. Yes

    Its a movie designed for the mental awareness of a 14 year old.
    Like all the other Indiana Jones it is short on script and long on one ridiculous action scene after another.
    not unless Mr and Mrs Bridge is your type of movie:bigeyes::no1:
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    Speaking of gun faux pauxsin movies, anyone else see Tears of the Sun with Bruce Willis and notice that his aimpoint is installed backwards?
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    I still like the ultra-rare left-handed SKS in the first Predator movie - one of the Central American Tangos is shouldering it. :09: