The Top 14 Differences on Hooters Airlines

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    The Top 14 Differences on Hooters Airlines

    Seats and tray tables aren't the only thing in an upright and locked position.

    "Layovers" not necessarily a bad thing now.

    Wood detectors now installed at all gates.

    New flight attendant job description has a "maximum IQ" requirement.

    All the blankets seem to be ending up in men's laps.

    "You can now see the Grand Canyon to your left, if you can manage to pry your eyes off the flight attendant for five friggin' seconds."

    "The captain has turned off the 'Fasten bra straps' sign. The flight attendants are now free to jiggle about the cabin."

    Since when do they have a seat 38DD?

    Passengers no longer complain about it being too cold in the cabin.

    Male passengers pray for turbulence, especially during the beverage service.

    Cockpit renamed "rackpit."

    "Should there be a loss in cabin pressure, a plate of hot wings and a pitcher of Bud will drop from the ceiling, and Misty will sit on your lap while you watch 'SportsCenter' -- hell, if you're gonna go, might as well go in style."

    No first class.
    No business class.
    Hell, no class whatsoever.

    Everywhere you look: Flotation devices!

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    Now I'd like to see them explain their "floatation" devices, and If we "went down" that wouldn't be a bad thing! ;)