The Top 14 Signs a Politician Might Be Crooked

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    The Top 14 Signs a Politician Might Be Crooked

    He becomes visibly aroused at the sound of a briefcase opening.

    C-SPAN identifies him as "(D-MOB)"

    Her website says, "Please indicate how you would have Senator Smith vote on these issues, and exactly how important each is to you, in US dollars."

    The babies he kisses all seem to meet with foul play shortly thereafter.

    During lunch, from force of habit, he passes you the salt *underneath* the table.

    First clue? His "Enron went belly-up and all I got was this lousy T-shirt and $2 million" shirt.

    His brown paper bag "lunch" is delivered by two Brinks guards.

    Calmly accepts bribes without bothering to demand that Mike Wallace stop filming.

    When he moves into the governor's mansion, the movers are uncertain where to put the large box labeled "Hoffa."

    His salary: $100,000/year
    His butler's salary: $150,000/year

    Introduces a 9-billion-dollar appropriations bill to aid the "escort service" industry.

    "I've got $510,000 that says I won't resign! What have you got?"

    Sponsors bill to create new James Traficant postage stamp.

    and the Number 1 Sign a Politician Might Be Crooked...

    Both of his faces are booked on "Crossfire."