The tortoise and

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by CrazyIvan, Sep 22, 2010.

  1. CrazyIvan

    CrazyIvan G&G Enthusiast

    Tortoise Vs. 2 Cats = funny. and, look at that little bugger move.

    [ame=]YouTube - Yoshinator[/ame]
  2. srt 10 jimbo

    srt 10 jimbo G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Suckers got an attitude.

  3. sell33

    sell33 G&G Enthusiast

    wow that is hilarious haha. I had no idea turtles could move like that lol

    SKS NOOB G&G Evangelist

    Dat turtle gots skillz. :bigeyes:
  5. waterdog

    waterdog G&G Enthusiast

    Ain't wild bout cats myself.
  6. CalifgirlinOk

    CalifgirlinOk G&G Evangelist

    He sure is a tough little guy.
  7. texnmidwest

    texnmidwest Sir Loin of Beef Forum Contributor

    That's too funny for words!
  8. Nothing a little time in the soup pot wouldn't cure.
  9. lol!
  10. 99dragon99

    99dragon99 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Looks like Raphael without the mask - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle! (For those of you that have kids from the 90's)