The Very Best/worse Bore Cleaner???????

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Doglips, May 13, 2002.

  1. Doglips

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    Ok time to stand up and name names...or testafy as we say in southern churches....What product(s) do you use..or believe is the best (or worse) for getting and keeping the old bang sticks clean and happy...heck if you got a home brew that works let us all know.

    Me I use Hopps #9 only because its what I can get at real brand loyalty.:confused:
  2. Big Dog

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    For my milsurps after shooting corrosive ammo, I had been using 409 or any other good ammonia-type cleaner. I heve gotten a bottle of Birchwood-Casey's Bore Scrubber, and it seems to work well. It's also available at Wally-World. After gettin' the crud out, then I follow it with either WD40 or B-C's Gun Scrubber. The Bore Scrubber seems better at getting out the copper than the other stuff I had been using.
    For .22's, just an oil-soaked patch followed by several dry patches works real good.
    For the good commercial rifles and pistols, I still use Hoppes (love that "perfume"!).

  3. Shaun

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    here's a few things I use -- If I am working with a gun that has shot lead bullets and I am unsure about the bore condition I use old Hoppes #9 with a twist the brush is wrapped with a 0000 steel wool then soaked in solvent then it is brushed through the bore. This will take all the lead out

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    OLD HOPPES #9 , #9 , #9 !!!
  5. Calvin

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    I usually use Sweet's 7.62. It smells bad, but it sure does work!!
  6. i've been using sweets 7.62, still use hoppes when ever, gun scrubber is good, but isn't it just glorified brake cleaner??
  7. Bear

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    I do it the hard way. 1st Hoppess #9, followed by a cleaning with Outers Electro foul out kit...Man talk about CLEAN...
  8. squirrelsniper

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    The best I've found for all-around cleaning are Butch's Bore Shine and Shooters Choice. BBS is just a bit better on copper fouling, but SC is just a bit better on powder fouling. If you shoot moly coated bullets, a good cleaner is Shooters Choice mixed 50/50 with Kroil. As far as worst cleaners, I'd have to say the theory that I heard once is the worst; plug the barrel and fill with amonia and let it sit overnight. It should clean out the barrel very well, but it can destroy the barrel too.