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Discussion in 'General Handgun' started by Paul T, Aug 26, 2010.

  1. Paul T

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    Its going to be a while but I plan to buy a new pistol and rifle soon. As for the planed make and model it will be either .40 or a .45. Either a 1911,FNP/X, CZ, or Beretta.
    A lot of choices, I know, But I got tired of buying Frankenpistols at the gun show and being burned a couple of times makes me cautious. I am going to be the same way with the next rifle I choose also.
    There are a couple of credible tactical fire arms shools here also and i figure I should get a booster shot in marksmanship and home security tactics. I am looking to an AR platform in .260, 6.8, 6.5, 7mm08 and the king of the crop the.308. This will have to take careful concideration like ammo availiby and cost. Maybe I ll become a 3 gun champion.
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    Good planning! Good brand selection as well. I had my 1911 all gussied up and really got tired of it. I like them though. But my advice in the .45 world, having owned, gutted, customized and sold my 1911, woud still be between another 1911, or the CZ .45.

    The custom parts forthe cz aren't as plentiful as a 1911, but there's just something about tjem I have ALWAYS liked. I like the balance and design of them they are very unique, (well Winess is the knock off of them but you get my drift) but that's why I've always been leary to buy one. 1911 parts are a dime a dozen and almost any gunshop has them. And I don't care what gun you have, even my current iron-clad Ruger Redhawk, are prone to break. And CZ parts prolly aren't as easy to get as 1911 parts. Though they are getting more popular... tough call.

    But your rifle... my friend has the Spanish knock off of the semi automatic .308 H&K rifle. I don't know the model number, I don't care much for rifles. But it is one nice shooter. Except if you plan to reload, it MANGLES brass. I guess its in the design so enemy forces CAN'T swipe and reload your brass. I guess there's a abuffer you can install to tame that down but I don't know for sure. But man, that is the smoothest, easiest firing .308 I've ever shot. (That is only comparing to a remington 700 bolt action which beats the crap out of you, but still its a nice shooter.)

  3. SwedeSteve

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    "But your rifle... my friend has the Spanish knock off of the semi automatic .308 H&K rifle."

    Actually, the CETME was the original design that H&K copied and improved upon.
  4. Cyrano

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    New York
    Absolutely. The G3 is a clone of the CETME to the point many of the parts are interchangeable. I personally prefer the CETME because you can get them with wood furniture instead of the plastic used by HK for their service rifle. Plus which, the CETME was first.

    Also note that the MP-5 is essentially a 9mm version of the CETME. I actually think it's more elegant in its HK 94 incarnation, the semi-auto version that is legal in the United States for private citizens to own. After I pay off my Thompson, I'm giving serious thought to laying away the 94 that's at my local gun shop. But that one is not cheap, and who knows where I'd be able to lay hands on spare magazines that are legal in New York!

    (Of course, I'm also thinking about a shooter-grade P-38; a Star Model B that I think is ex-Spanish Air Force, a 9mm M1911 in design; a Colt Model 1903 .380 pocket pistol; a P-64; and a FEG Model F9R, the FEG copy of the Browning Hi-Power, for my next layaway. And I'm hoping a Mauser FR-8 or FR-7 will turn up some day at an affordable price.)
  5. john2393

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    Oh I didn't know that. But yeah basically is a great bi mp5. That's right. So there ya go. These guys know all about it.

    I've just shot it once and I liked it.

    I didn't know it was originally a spanish design. Cool. Kinda like the XDS and the croatian thing.
  6. PAPA G

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    also they mangle the brass because military rifles are supposed to have positive exraction. if you were using commercial .308 in it, the softer rims will tear.

    another point no army gathers up spent brass so the enemy cannot reload it. army's do not reload general use brass. Europe is littlered with spent cases.
  7. If we time it right Paul we can shoot our FN's together at next year's BBQ. Maybe we can tack your pink Speedo up on the target and shoot it with Bunny's pink gun.

    Just make sure you take the Speedo off before we all shoot it.
  8. Paul T

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    Ha ha you are one funny guy. The FN is definitely a top contender. The rifle I want will be a toss between a bolt gun or an AR in .308 so you wont get hurt shooting it like you did the 300 win mag. Ill even take the scope off.
  9. stinkybriches

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    the AR-10 in .308 is a good choice. there are many variations and if you decide you wished something on your rifle was different, you can change it. barrels, stocks, handgaurds, triggers, the world is your oyster with an AR. top it with a fixed 10 for practical accuraccy way out there, back up iron sights for up close and personal.

    what i hear about cz pistols is that they are awsome. i have a witness which is a cz nockoff and its nice.
  10. john2393

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    MAN! I saw a Witness 10mm at a pawn shop for 350.00 and have been kicking myself for not grabbing it. I didn't know much about witness at the time, so I just left it.

    I've never owned either brand but I may end up buying a model 75 9mm in the future. Are the witnesses built as well? They are quite a bit cheaper. And I wouldn't use it for my carry gun most likely, but I like 9mm for sport shooting. And I saw a full customized witness model with a muzzle brake and all the trimmings in a magazine, and I really like the features but I didn't know if Witness used softer metals, or cut corners that CZ doesn't in order to offer them at 2/3 cost of a CZ.
  11. stinkybriches

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    well, im sure the basic witness model (with wonder finish) may not be as accurate as a cz. but they make a wide array of different models. i would trust my basic witness with my life. its a .45 auto and feeds everything i put in it from reloads to various hollow points. the only reason my next pistol isnt going to be a witness is capacity. 10 +1 in .45 auto is good really, but i want 13 or 14 +1.
  12. john2393

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    1911 double stack? Or XD? I had 2 XDs. One 4" one 5" and one 5" .40 XDs. Lots of rounds and surpirsingly accurate for .45 auto
  13. stinkybriches

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    either springfield xd or para superhawg.