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  1. Thanks for posting this. I don't know where they're getting 95% from because I have already been approved for unlimited overtime and there are entire communities here that hasn't been covered. I've got 66 cases today that haven't been touched, and I'm probably going to be heading out there for the next 3 days to at least try and knock the area out.
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  2. Jack Ryan

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    I'll start by readily stating I have all the wisdom of the unknowing and my only point of reference is with my own son, not autistic, but DID have to address his learning things in a different way from most others.

    You've probably noticed schools don't TEACH the normal way any more. They only have children memorize, God help them if that is not in their forte. They don't teach phonics and difficulty memorizing complete words will handicap EVERYTHING ELSE that comes after that.

    You may already be well aware but I'd suggest exposing your son to as many experiences as possible in attempting to find HIS AREAS OF PROFICIENCY. Find his knack, his place, the things he can't stop doing and learn how to make a living at it.

    Many a millionaire has been made because they became the very best there was at one simple thing.

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    I never trust %, figures, etc put out by our gubmit! :( I suspect, however, that some area assignments were much easier to cover than yours & maybe they are already completed & that would affect the overall %. 'Course, they won't have enough sense to realize some districts may need more time than others.:rolleyes:
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  4. BigEd63

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    There is very big truth in this.
    I don't speak too much about my upbringing but I'll just say this much.
    From the at times living hell of boredom and disinterest while at the same time trying to make my parents happy.
    Don't try to make your child a product improved redo of your own life.
    Each if us are born with a combination of mental, spiritual and physical talents and gifts that are part of what makes us individuals.
    Guidance and support in shaping that child's life is what is needed.
    Not blowing off or discouraging their talents and interests. Or using lies and other manipulations.
  5. Jaison

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    Amen. Sympathize and empathize, brother.
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  6. BigEd63

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    I'll just say probably the two biggest issues make that three were:
    1. Adopted at birth big difference in natural born talents.
    2. Me raised in a largely rural environment. Parents Father in particular raised in Chicago inner city.
    3. This is a theory only but I think my parents were afraid I'd be like Grandpa. And did their best to discourage it.

    Okay I'll throw this in as it's kinda funny they never let me in on their plan for me period wasn't until much later that I figured it out. Wanted me to become some sort of "business executive" or whatever.
    Odd thing is that from a young age I had an interest in aviation. From model planes to fly by wire gas powered well the wire being nylon control line back then. I even studied flight instruments and controls. Wanted to start taking flying lessons at 16-17. BTW my vision was 20/15 with above normal vision at nights.
    Was that encouraged? Nope not a bit.
    They probably had no clue what a commercial airline pilot can make.
    Oh well.
    Not as resentful as I may sound. Heck there were and are some worse family situations out there
    I just put this out as advice and warning to prospective parents out there.
    God if I was a school guidance counselor the kids would probably like me and some parents would hate me
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  7. jerry

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    Golden handcuffs ;).

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  8. Cyrano

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    New York
    Ed, you may be assured Junior is not a redo of my own life. He does nothing that I did, except swim.

    At his age, I had worked my way through hundreds if not thousands of books. He reads, but only if forced to. He won't write in either sense of the word.

    I'd been an Eagle Scout for two years. He can barely recite the Pledge of Allegiance.

    I was in the honors track at my high school. He's at a special school for autistic and emotionally disturbed children.

    He has no noticeable musical gifts. I could play the piano, organ, carillon (my hometown owns the seventh largest carillion in the country, only one of two municipally owned carillons in the United States), trumpet, and baritone horn, and was a proficient enough conductor that I could and did control one of the best high school wind ensembles in the country when I was on the stick, which for a kid their own age is neither easy nor common.

    He has skills as a voice actor and in fact has had three paid gigs doing voices for podcasts. My voice sounds like nails on a blackboard.

    I could handle a small boat with a certain amount of artistry. He doesn't know which end is the bow.

    I had fired smallbore expert with a .22; I don't yet think he is responsible enough to go to the range.

    I could make a simple meal for the family; he has trouble using the microwave. (And yes, we have tried to teach him simple cooking.)

    He can handle large farm animals with confidence, and they like him. I could not do that at his age.

    I was almost a decade older than he is before I learned to ride. He's okay at the walk and the trot, though no faster, and knows how to groom horses.

    Junior is not me, and well I know it. I suffer from Asperger's Syndrome, which takes away from some areas but gifts in others. Junior is autistic, which takes away and gives nothing in return.

    He has things worse than I did.
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  9. austinjoe13

    austinjoe13 <------------<<<-

    The first stitch is in. It’s not the greatest, but I’m getting the hang of it.

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  10. BigEd63

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    Cyrano, Sorry to his was definitely not intended to be aimed at you at all and I should have done a disclaimer first.

    I was just expounding on a part of Jack Ryan's post and didn't think about the rest of the discussion chain.

    You are definitely more involved in doing what I talked about and working with your son.
  11. Jack Ryan

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    Update here. Got abutments and the pipe back in the ground. Set in new concrete and just started filling in today.

    IMG_4633.JPG IMG_4636 a.jpg
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  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    That's a good job you did there. Better than I could do!
  13. rando

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    So last night my lap top acted up. I have a three year old unit and windows ten. Never any issues before. I can't delete or reply to my emails. It's doing same today no matter what I try. Went to look at laptops this morning. Stopped at Home Depot and truck would not start when leaving. I knew it was coming because battery is 5 years old. They seem to die with no warning. Happened to last two. Had to walk two miles to battery place and get a new one. Returned old for core. Get to Walmart next and get done. Go to electronics store and out of all laptops. I buy this tablet to hold me off because it's all they have. Get home and truck stalls in middle of road backing into my driveway. Would start and stall as soon as put into reverse. Finally got it parked in driveway. Oh Hell. So is this a freak thing that my truck is doing this right after new battery installed. I hope it's just a glitch with computer or something. I have had enough for one day. Now I am trying to figure out this new tablet that is half the size print as my laptop
  14. Jack Ryan

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    I worked on that a couple or three hours today. Pretty much got it roughed in but it took 2 or 3 times as long as it should because I'm not putting the same dirt back in. The dirt I dug out looks good for vegetation but kinda rocky from driveway gravel and I don't want that against the plastic pipe. I've also got 4 persimmon saplings coming but where I want to put them the ground is near barren, all clay.

    So I spent today digging holes on one side of the yard and dumping the dirt in the hole you see above.

    Just about all done but finishing as the old GM work saying goes.
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  15. grizcty

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    Not what I needed.
    Broken axle housing on my 1984 F350 plow truck.
    If it finally quits raining/snowing should be fixed this week. Gonna be a expensive repair. :(

    Full picture of broken front axle housing.

    Full picture of broken front axle.jpg

    Hard to come by, but I finally found one.
    $450.00 used replacement front axle housing.

    $ 450.00 Replacement front axle housing.jpg

    Diagram of parts.

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  16. Stickman

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    Christian is finished with Air Force basic and is settling in at Keesler AFB to start his tech training.

    I haven't talked to him yet but we had a text conversation earlier today.

    I am quite proud of that young man!:usa:
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  17. Stickman

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    He's always been pretty patriotic.
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  18. grizcty

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    Beautiful picture of him and his new wife.
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  19. Huey Rider

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    Go Zoomie!!:usa2:

    Give him my thanks for serving and continuing to carry the torch for us old foggies!
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