The "What's going on with you now" thread

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JetGirl, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    IIRC they are allowing some fans in. I did see motorhomes around the outside on the high ground.
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  2. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Got first gear and sorta neutral working
    The motor works great
    I need to add weight to the machine for traction
    I have some lead ingots I can use temporarily

    Before I had neutral squared away I was killing the engine to stop
    I drove it up the ramp into my truck
    It almost climbed the sideboard and got out!

  3. billy

    billy G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

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  4. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

  5. Huh? What?

    Huh? What? G&G Evangelist

    Central AZ
    One thing off the to do list. Salmon is curing. It'll get smoked on Monday, probably.
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  6. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    I just realized what you have. Wow brings bach memories. Used to use one of those to spade out row, and haul stuff to the field, at the strawberry farm job, when I was a teen. As we used to say Genuine Monkey Wards Tote Goat.
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  7. Huh? What?

    Huh? What? G&G Evangelist

    Central AZ
    8.65 pounds of green chili bacon started.
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  8. Junction15

    Junction15 G&G Evangelist Forum Contributor

    Do you know anyplace local that can burn out some round steel plates, and put in the wheel holes so you can bolt those to your wheels?
    You could maybe make a thinner plate for each side that the wheel studs go through, Then weld some thicker "donuts" to those thinner plates to get the weight you want.

    Or if you can find some steel rims that fit, you could weld the "donuts' directly to the inside of the rims.
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  9. Huh? What?

    Huh? What? G&G Evangelist

    Central AZ
    Turned my ballot in.
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  10. mitchr

    mitchr G&G Evangelist

    Got the pine straw picked up in the largest section of my front yard & burning! :) Will hopefully get the front yard on the other side of the driveway & around my shop done tomorrow, then the leaves in the back yard the next day. All assuming no wind or rain for 3 days!!:rolleyes:
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  11. Jack Ryan

    Jack Ryan G&G Evangelist

    First thing I would try is fill those tires with windshield washer fluid.

    I made a couple bars for my tractor to put weights on that are for weight lifting. That way they serve more than one purpose and you can resell them easy for just what you pay for them about any time you want.

    I buy them at the recycling center sometimes for just scrap steel prices and at yard and garage sales just the same.
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  12. Cyrano

    Cyrano Resident Curmudgeon Forum Contributor

    New York
    Went out to do the shopping, mostly to get away from Princess Whinybitch, who had been on a rearranging binge and haranguing me, alleging I am a racist, misogynist pig simply because I regard the Second Amendment and our civil liberties as more important than Roe v. Wade. She refuses to read the Jackass Partei's party plank on Bidumb's website, which makes the criminal Assault Weapons Ban of Slick Willy Dickwad in 1994 look pale by comparison.

    One of my stops was at the local orchard, where the orchard store was crammed by leaf-hoppers from NYC. I saw a number of sheeple cars with Bidumb bumper stickers. I was a good boy. I did not key the cars, let the air out of their tires, put sugar in their gas tanks, or anything else. I figured they have to live in The Cesspool That Never Sleeps, and they are already in hell. I noticed a bunch of Bidumb - Harass yard signs in Connecticut when I went to Costco, but not one in my part of New York. No Jackass Partei bumper stickers, either. There were yard signs supporting local Jack-Offs for state senators and judges, but not a single one supporting the national ticket. More support for my theory it is past time for Upstate New York to split off from the Nine Counties.

    If Trump decisively wins the election in such a way the Democrats can't challenge the results, I think Princess Whinybitch's head will explode. I wonder if "Trump Derangement Syndrome" is considered valid grounds for divorce?"
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  13. Huh? What?

    Huh? What? G&G Evangelist

    Central AZ

    Need to try a different type of pear and more of them, cut back on the sugar, change from flour to corn starch as a thickener, use pear brandy instead of kraken, and maybe pear nectar instead of water in the filling.


    (Anybody want the rest of this first pear cobbler?)
  14. Try doing it with a brandy poached pear recipe for your liquid. I think you'll be happier.
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  15. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    Just checked the status of my wifes and my ballots. We mailed them in 2 weeks ago as absentee. Was getting worried because they showed as not being recieved yet, yesterday.
    Finally the states web sight says they were recieved, considered valid, and will be counted on election day. So that is done.
    Would it not be funniy if the absentee ballots decided the out come before the poles were closed? Just saying.
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  16. Huh? What?

    Huh? What? G&G Evangelist

    Central AZ
    Would someone care to explain to me why my coffee cup is empty?

    Most creative answer wins absolutely nothing.
  17. Moroco Mole

    Moroco Mole G&G Evangelist

    As per the Pear cobbler issue.nLiving in the maple tree belt everyone I know uses no liqores or sugar in the filling. We all make a simple filling of fresh bartlet pears maple syrup, a little butter and a slash of lemon juice, or apple cider vinager.
    Not quite gourmet but just pensilvania dutch homestyle cookin' good. You could put it on a table of the most discriminating pallets, and you will leave with an emptied dish.
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  18. Settled in for the race after putting in some time working on the tree. Almost all of the main branches are off the trunk and cleaned off. We're going to spend the week getting those cut, stacked and out of the way then start in on the trunk.
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  19. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    They did allow 10,000 fans into the speedway today.
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  20. blue fox

    blue fox G&G Evangelist

    Was Grizcty around your place?