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    I had a disagreement with my daughter's liberal kindergarten teacher yesterday. She showed the kids some kind of drawing of an Egyptian pharaoh and asked them what it was. My daughter replied, "An Egyptian." The teacher, "NO. That's racist. Joyce is an Egyptian and she doesn't look like that. It's a pharaoh."

    Me: You can't call my daughter racist, she's Hispanic (a bit of liberal logic turned around on them). And also, do you realize the pharaoh's were the kings of Egypt?
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    did you have to fight your way to the table??? :D
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  3. Merle

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    good for you - don't give them any slack!!! :usa2:
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    I got this for free because it was missing a jaw insert
    The one I made is the non serrated one 34F08EA7-E349-4A1E-972A-578D7D6DE637.jpeg
  5. billy

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    I soaked it in atf to protect it from rust
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    Well happy birthday!
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    Thank You Sir.!
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    We all voted here today.
  9. billy

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    Well on my way to being driveable 333C584F-1566-4F0A-B598-AEFBA2E24341.jpeg
  10. Billy, a good vise is imperative! Nice vise!
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  11. billy

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    I have to have at least one
    I’ve been using one that was too small
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    Received the Coleman products
  13. TXplt

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    That's a good idea for what you want to do.

    Just remember if you have 2 AC generators unless you have some sophisticated equipment you can't ever put them in parallel to the same common source.
  14. Stickman

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    Try a helicoil. It's an airplane thing. No need to drill. It threads into the stripped out hole.
  15. Cyrano

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    New York
    Ingenious. My dad would totally have approved.
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    New York
    billy, if you want to freak out the neighbors, go to J.C. Whitney and order one of the light bars that has a red light that goes back and forth. Then start calling it K.I.T.T.
  17. TXplt

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    I got one of those klaxons/aoogah horns they sell and rigged it up at the farm. It gets everyone’s attention. Those are pretty good too.
  18. Huey Rider

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    Paint it entirely black also!
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  19. Cyrano

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    New York
    Today I did not have the day I expected.

    PWB got me out of bed at 11:30 AM (my sleep pattern has been erratic for months) because the weather prediction was for snow tomorrow. Jeanette is setting up for an estate sale next week, and knowing PWB's paranoia about possible covid exposure, she allowed us to come down during setup to hit the sale. We were supposed to go down tomorrow morning, but PWB went crazy when she heard about the expected snow. So she called Jeanette and asked if we could come today. Jeanette wasn't happy, but she agreed provided we were out of the sale by 3 PM.

    So we drove down in a moderate to heavy rain, with Princess Whinybitch raving about the evils of Trump all the way down and back. I mentioned that wasn't it a pity some of the famous old names like Bonwit Teller had gone out of business, just making conversation. I was then treated to a five minute rant on how Trump had purchased the old Bonwit Teller building, promised to preserve and send to the Metropolitan Museum of Art some murals in the building which apparently were significant, and then just tore the building down without making any attempt to remove them or preserve them. He then built Trump Tower on the Bonwit Teller site. Or so she tells the story.

    I am so far beyond fed up with this. She spits an unlimited supply of venom like a cobra at the least provocation, even if she has to invent one.

    When we got to the sale, we spent about 90 minutes going over the place. We picked up some neat smalls for Unusual Offerings (when we get to go back to selling again), and some interesting stuff for the house, mostly for Junior. PWB bought him at least five skulls of various kinds -- Mexican Day of the Dead type, a bronze metal skull with a detachable jaw, a "crystal skull," a plastic skull with eyes that move when something crosses their sensors, and another one where the thing makes eerie noises. I picked up a couple of nice cutting boards, a reusable shopping bag full of coral, a nice pair of French 8x30 binoculars of World War II vintage or thereabouts, some curious clocks, and a whole bunch of hangers of a type PWB has decreed are a necessity to maximize closet capacity.

    We didn't spend a lot, but got enough to fill V2 to about 20% capacity. It's the first estate sale we have been to in eight months, since the pandemic began and Il Duce Cuomo closed New York State down back in March. But it would have been so much more fun if PWB had not been such a bitch. At one point, while she was gleefully evaluating and picking up item to hand to me to ferry to our "storage area," I told her flat out I had been in the house ten minutes and had not had a chance to look around myself. "I did not come here to be your pack mule. We're the only people here picking, and there is a clock running since you changed the day we would come here. Ferry your own stuff!" and stalked off.

    She has a positive genius when it comes to sucking the joy out of anything I want to do. Of course, she does not see it that way. I wish the cow could step outside herself and see how it is to be me. The fact a significant percentage of what we just acquired will be heading out to people we know in her "Christmas in October" project is not relevant. It would be nice if she would spend even 5% of the effort she is making to give other people a little joy in these trying times on making her husband happy.
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    austinjoe13 <------------<<<-

    The pooch had a rough weekend. On Sunday, he had an accident in the house, but it was very alarming. Vet said he had Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE), and that is why he hasn't been eating. HGE is basically a bleed in the digestive tract. His accident was mostly blood, and we thought it was the end.

    Right away, we called the vet, and he said to not feed him, let him drink water, and to bring him in the next day. He ended up staying overnight. We were concerned whether it was worth putting him through this or not, but the vet says Shaffer is in good health, other than a heart murmur. That was encouraging.

    The dog got back on Tuesday with a bottle of amoxicillin (he hates it). Slowly he is getting back to eating, but he lost about 2lbs, and he was about 11lbs before. So, I am going into town to find some high calorie supplement treats. If I can get those, then he'll at least get the calories he needs, even if he doesn't eat much.

    He is definitely more like himself than he's been for a couple weeks, now. Very needy. very cuddly, a little more tired. Very pissed when I shoot amoxicillin into his mouth...