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The "What's going on with you now" thread

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by JetGirl, Mar 6, 2012.


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    Near Havana st . off I 270 , I think more southwest.
  2. runfiverun

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    that's almost straight south to south east by my compass of the area.
    after you swing around town from 25 it seems to me Havana is right south of downtown as your going east.
    another loop after that seems north then the highway bends off east.

    I'm sure a real compass disagrees with my internal one.
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  3. Junction15

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    I don't do the winter camping anymore but I sometimes do in spring, summer, or fall. I only have one bag - an L L Bean Polarguard mummy bag rated for +20 degrees I think. When it's warm, I can sleep on top of the bag but not in it. I usually have a light sheet for that.
    But nowadays, I find the ground a lot harder than I remember it was. I usually camp out of a pick-up truck (can carry a thicker pad that way). So if I need extra warmth, I wrap the bag with a Space Blanket - just not too snugly or the moisture won't evaporate.
    Anyway, sounds like you had a good trip overall.
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    I got my ice cream fix for free today! Stopped and fueled at a Love's truck stop in Kansas today that had a DQ there . Unusual for a Love's . Anyway they made my medium heath blizzard and went to hand it to me upside down, and she had to catch it quickly before it all slopped out. Free ! Yeah, cheered me up for a moment. I need my ice cream. I have 48,000 +pounds of sweet cream on now . If I can get a bunch of sugar and vanilla, hmmmm .
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  6. Thinking of test driving the m43b1 to the gun range.
    50 mile round trip.
    It's supposed to be a lot warmer
    Maybe even 30f.
    So if it does crap the bed
    I won't be risking frost bite fixing it.
    I need to do as many test runs as possible to iron out any kinks.
    But first I need to load up a few hundred 38 special rounds to give my life purpose ;)
  7. 20180213_053124.jpg Gonna take the smith and Wesson and the ruger
  8. Merle

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  9. Waiting for the inlaws to show up. Mommy didn't get to see Hubby before he went in for surgery and wasn't in town when he got to recovery. Gods help me... I really could have lived without them "stopping by" to see us.
  10. Mindy up North

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    So.....what ever happened to JetGirl
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    ^^^I think I saw that she posted just a few days ago. Odds are that I'm mistaken though.
  12. Cyrano

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    New York
    Quiet day. Took Toothless, Her Imperial Majesty's PT Cruiser, in for a reinspection. It failed the first time around because the battery went flat and shut down the computers, and I learned you have to drive the car 40 or 50 miles before the stupid things reset themselves and start doing the monitoring the state inspection requires. What peeves me is that the station I had to take it to charged me $11 for a retest and told me I had to accumulate the 40 or 50 miles over a period of days or the test would not be valid. What a PITA! And yet people wonder how outfits like Gas Monkey Garage, the Wheeler Dealers, and Count's Kustoms get away with charging new car prices for vintage cars. It's simple -- the old cars run and don't have any of the computers that screw up normal operations and state inspections!
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  13. Mindy up North

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    Inspection? What's that? :D
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  14. 63B20

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    Her and Brother Bob

    Brother Bob was last seen:
    Oct 7, 2017

    And Brother Bob
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  15. My sister took her 2012 Ford Mondeo in for a service, she was given a Ford Ecosport ( I think you guys get these this year )

    It was the Titanium edition, it had the 1500 cc engine and not the 1,000 cc ecoboost. I wanted to like this lil car. I used it to drive down to the shops and back with Junior. Firstly, I liked the fairly generous ground clearance which in turn gets the seat up off the deck for broken down old hacks with buggered knees. At a glance it seemed to have good approach and departure angles front and rear. While it's a FWD tiddler, it would enable someone like me to get in and out of a Nation Park Car park or moderate dirt road.

    The rear door which has a spare wheel attached to it swings opens like a door the wrong way but hey, it's sucks to be you, Australian, and the rear seat which would be of little use to anyone bigger than a golf bag folds all over the place for more space. It has a roof rack system in place also. The drivers and passenger doors open generously. Junior and I got in. Immediately the lateral bolsters in the seat dug into my kidneys. It rendered the car undrivable by me in about 10 minutes. Like, excruciating. The steering wheel felt nice, the electric steering was very good, feather light at parking speeds and nicely weighted while driving. The radio and comfort controls were very handy to the wheel indeed. It had the Ford trademark big arse ugly gap around the instrument barnacle at the bottom. I hate that. It's right there in front of you and completely not unseeable.

    The 6 speed auto was a joke. It was like a worn out Powerglide. It made it really tedious to try to thrash the guts out of the engine. I found that at about 30 mph I could stab the gas and it would just flare. I wondered if the more spicy eco boost motor with its turbs would make the trans make some sense because in the form I experienced it was just confused.

    The A/C was stunning. It was incredibly humid yesterday and the climate pleasurizer in this car was fantastic.

    Walking back towards the car at the shops I only noticed then how small it was in overall size. It also took up a whole lot less space in our carport compared to my big porno van and the Mondeo.

    But the interior felt roomy. Except for junior who's 2.2 yards long, his seat wouldn't go back as far as mine. You may be able to re-gig that though. Vision out of the car was pretty good too.

    Ultimately, despite this thing appearing to tick several boxes for being a good little excursion vehicle, it just poo'd on the living room floor with some glaring faults. The seats especially, you can't work around that.

    Last edited: Feb 13, 2018
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  16. Cyrano

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    New York
    Chicken$hit required by New York State to insure that your vehicle has good rubber, good brakes working lights, a working horn, working windshield wipers that actually clean the windshield, and is not cranking out too much pollution based on the age of the vehicle. The Lesser Satan and his predecessors are convinced the people who live her are too stupid to properly maintain their cars.
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  17. The in-laws were only here for about 20 minutes. Mommy fussed at him for at least 5 of those minutes because his hand was swollen and he wasn't keeping it elevated. I only fussed the first day or two and decided if he wanted to be in pain and have a swollen hand, that was his choice. I didn't want to hear about it.

    Other than that and running a couple of errands after they left, I've decided tonight is a good night to watch one of the movies we've got stacked up on the dvr.
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  18. Most states have the same stupid laws. Thankfully NC has a bit of a working brain and only do a safety inspection on cars over 15 years old. If it's less, the car has to go through emissions inspection as well.
  19. Huey Rider

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    Says Jet Girl was last seen Dec of 2014.