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    how is it women think that no matter when you go fishing your gonna catch some.
    I spent 40 minutes figuring the best time of day to go,then checked the wind direction so I would know where to go on the lake and then checked the water clarity when I got there.
    A. so I knew where to start
    and B so I knew which color of lure to use.
    I also checked the water depth versus the wind speed so I knew which weight to use.
    since the water depth fluctuates daily the fish move in and out, they are also in their spawn beds waiting for the females to show up.

    okay I got things narrowed down to from noon to two as the very best time to fish.
    this means I need to leave by 10 am to get gas, make the drive, get on the water, check things out, then pick where to start fishing.

    simple right?
    yeah,,, no, her theory is the fish are still gonna be there since they got nowhere else to go.
    who cares if the wind is gonna be blowing 20 mph right up the canyon [or that we have to fight that head wind all the way own to the lake] and there is a thunder storm coming through at about 3.
    it's fine if we get there at 2.30 and almost get the boat in the water while it's banging against the dock and we are getting soaked from the lighting included rain storm.

    so after yesterday's fiasco I just loaded up the boat and went by myself today.
    left by 10, was home by 4, and caught about 30 fish without even trying too hard.
  2. It's been a day. I warned people I was having a sarcastic beech day, but nobody believed me. Or at least they didn't until I cut loose on them. When they started to get huffy with me I pointed out I'd warned them.

    They walked away with their feelings bruised. Not my fault... they were warned.

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    New York
    Well, I can add another entry to my lifetime curriculum vitae: Tornado Survivor.

    I looked at the Weather Channel app and it said that there was a thunderstorm alert in our area. Nothing unusual about that. But this time the sky behaved differently. It got very dark very fast, and then it opened up with high winds that shifted rapidly around the compass, accompanied first by heavy rain and then hail. I cracked all the windows in the house open to equalize air pressure, and then ground fog that reduced visibility to less than 100 feet showed up out of nowhere. Her Imperial Majesty was unpacking The Big Red Car after the last Elephant's Trunk trip, and frantically slammed all the doors shut. As she was doing this, she saw a big oak tree get uprooted and fall into the neighbors across the street from Uncle Paul's house. The trunk missed the house, but the top branches damaged the deck over the garage some. At that point, she dashed into the house as the power went out and the emergency generator came on. The barometer in the living room took a nosedive, and then the rain slowed down and the sky lightened up. We had seen some deadwood come down out of our trees, and we went out to take a look around the street and the property.

    We had two small dead trees that had been on my "round tuit" list down, but they didn't hit anything. Our neighbor Dan's trees by the street in his woodlot had some big branches that had been ripped off the trunks and were lying in the street; it took both Her Imperial Majesty and me to move them over to the side of the road so cars could pass. Then we walked over to Uncle Paul's to see how he had made out.

    In one word, badly. Four trees on his property had uprooted and come down. One didn't hit anything. One bounced off the power lines, which pulled over a power pole but did not snap the wires. One hit his Malibu, bent the back half of the roof into a V, and demolished the rear windshield. Given it's a 2012, it's probably totaled. But that wasn't the worst.

    A big oak tree came down on his house. It smashed the main roof beam in half, detached the drop ceiling in the kitchen and squashed a bunch of kitchen stuff, including the birthday cake I'd delivered to Uncle Paul just before all this began, and punched a branch through into the living room, missing his desktop tower PC by inches. Paul is okay, but his house isn't.

    I sent Her Imperial Majesty and Junior back to the house to get the reciprocating saw and the extension cord I normally use with the weed-whacker for mowing the lawn, and when I saw where the cord ended, sent H.I.M. back after the reel extension cord I picked up on Saturday at the Jeanette sale (for which she had mocked me; no longer!). The emergency generator was up and running, so I went to work.

    After taking cellphone photos of everything, I began cutting away the branches hanging off the roof so Paul could safely get in and out of the house. I did the cutting, and H.I.M. and Junior hauled the slash off, piling it up by the road where (I'm presuming) the town will eventually haul it away or feed it into a wood chipper. After I had the house entry cleared, I moved on to the car. My objective was simple: cut away enough branches to let me cover the rear of the car with a tarp and secure it by closing the two rear doors on it, with the tarp over the roof and the missing rear windshield. It started to rain again, and one of the neighbors said she had heard the storm was curving back our way, so we called it a day after 90 minutes of cutting and carrying. The essence of gambling is knowing when to quit, and as the rain was increasing I didn't want to press my luck.

    Her Imperial Majesty cleared out some rubbermaid containers for Paul to use as rain buckets in the house, and after he got them set up to his satisfaction he came to our house, where he will be spending the night and, I presume, living with us until his house is repaired. Such is life.
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    Glad you guys are ok.
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  5. So glad you're all okay. Stuff can be replaced, lives can't.

    If that line of storms is looping back around, or there's even a remote chance, you all might want to bed down on the lower level. Yes, I know, certain family members won't like it. Tell H.I.M and Junior they'll like it better than they'd like being being in the hospital or dead. ;) :p
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    Wow!! Glad you're ok and hope Paul will make out ok recovering from his loss.
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    Got some work done on the dragon bus today. Here's where it is at the moment. Probably won't get any more done until next week.



    Original colors...

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    New York
    It would've helped if he had renter's insurance. He doesn't. Some people ...
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    You certain you were never a prison guard in another life ? You command like one but truth be known, you are just a true....southern belle. :usa2:
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    New York
    Update on our situation here:

    NYSEG just came past doing a survey on the trees down across the streets. They say ten towns in our area are affected. They have no idea when they will be back to clear the trees off our street, although they confirmed we can get out to Route 22 and thence to I-84 and I-684. There is no estimate of when we will get electric power back; it could be 2 weeks or longer. Their advice: "Get your generator's fuel tank filled."

    Junior did not have school today because the roads have downed trees all over. Too soon to tell if he will have school tomorrow or Friday. His school does have emergency generators, so it is possible. The controlling factor may be whether the buses can roll or not.

    Bottom line: We are on our own. I'm going to have to break out the little electric chainsaw and see what I can do with that. The reciprocating saw is not up to cutting up tree trunks, and I would like to get Paul's car freed up, and cut up some of the downed limbs too.
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  11. Nope. Never a prison guard. And only a southern belle by location. I'm a born, bred and bone deep no nonsense New Englander, Scot and Swede. We don't suffer fools lightly. :)
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  12. How much has he lost and how much can be saved? Any idea yet?

    I know you want to free up Paul's car, but don't touch it until his car insurance and the landlord's insurance people have seen it. Pictures won't do unless told otherwise and you don't want to ruin any chance of a solid claim. The reason I mentioned the landlord is because the damage was done on his property, by his tree. There might be a claim there that might help Paul replace the car more easily.

    Wish we could get up there to help you all out.
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    FEMA has announced this on the TV several times.
    I would get the neighbors together and start pooling resources.
    one or two people taking a pickup and stopping at 2-3 gas stations to fill several cans and someone else shopping for lumber/tools will be a lot more efficient.
  14. Does your generator put out enough power to hook up a couple more refrigerators? If it does you might want to get Paul's out if possible and put it in your garage to save the food in it.
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    even if it will not run several fridges at the same time, you can rotate them to keep things from spoiling..
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    Since I'm 25 now, I figured it's time to start acting my age. I'm not really sure what that entails, so I bought a bird feeder. I've been wanting to do that, but now there's a robin setting up a nest right outside our back door. I'm hoping we don't scare her off. Not using that door is not an option.
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    Two new saanen doe kidd's less than two hours old. We have two more saanen expecting, and one Nigerian dwarf expecting.
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    My mother in law used to have two hanging flower baskets on either side of the garage door under the overhang. A robin would build and nest in one of the baskets for several years in a row. It would have young-uns and would sit right tight in the nest and let you peer in and have a look. They figure out that you mean them no harm and are fairly brave .
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    Just got my internet/TV/phone going full force, it came on originally about 1:30 this afternoon but was sketchy at best until about an hour ago. The area got hit hard with three confirmed tornado's touching down in the area. Judging by what you're writing, you need a gas chain saw over there.