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    Thanks to Oneastrix for sending me this article. It's well worth reading and thinking about seriously. Oneastrix deserves credit for finding the article and making it available all of us.

    On Thursday, Darrell Scott, the father of Rachel Scott, a victim of the Columbine High
    School shootings in Littleton, Colorado, was invited to address the House Judiciary
    Committee's subcommittee.

    What he said to our national leaders during this special session of Congress was
    painfully truthful. They were not prepared for what he was to say, nor was it received
    well. It needs to be heard by every parent, every teacher, every politician, every
    sociologist, every psychologist, and every so-called expert!

    These courageous words spoken by Darrell Scott are powerful, penetrating, and deeply
    personal. There is no doubt that God sent this man as a voice crying in the wilderness.
    The following is a portion of the transcript:

    "Since the dawn of creation there has been both good & evil in the hearts of men and
    women. We all contain the seeds of kindness or the seeds of violence. The death of
    my wonderful daughter, Rachel Joy Scott, and the deaths of that heroic teacher, and
    the other eleven children who died must not be in vain. Their blood cries out for answers."

    "The first recorded act of violence was when Cain slew his brother Abel out in the field.
    The villain was not the club he used. Neither was it the NCA, the National Club
    Association. The true killer was Cain, and the reason for the murder could only be
    found in Cain's heart."

    "In the days that followed the Columbine tragedy, I was amazed at how quickly fingers
    began to be pointed at groups such as the NRA. I am not a member of the NRA. I am
    not a hunter. I do not even own a gun. I am not here to represent or defend the NRA -
    because I don't believe that they are responsible for my daughter's death. Therefore I
    do not believe that they need to be defended. If I believed they had anything to do with
    Rachel's murder I would be their strongest opponent."

    "I am here today to declare that Columbine was not just a tragedy-it was a spiritual event
    that should be forcing us to look at where the real blame lies! Much of the blame lies
    here in this room. Much of the blame lies behind the pointing fingers of the accusers
    themselves. "I wrote a poem just four nights ago that expresses my feelings best. This
    was written way before I knew I would be speaking here today":

    Your laws ignore our deepest needs, Your words are empty air. You've stripped away
    our heritage, You've outlawed simple prayer. Now gunshots fill our classrooms, And
    precious children die. You seek for answers everywhere, And ask the question "Why?"
    You regulate restrictive laws, Through legislative creed. And yet you fail to understand,
    That God is what we need!

    "Men and women are three-part beings. We all consist of body, soul, and spirit. When
    we refuse to acknowledge a third part of our make-up, we create a void that allows
    evil, prejudice, and hatred to rush in and wreak havoc. Spiritual presences were present
    within our educational systems for most of our nation's history. Many of our major
    colleges began as theological seminaries. This is a historical fact. What has happened
    to us as a nation? We have refused to honor God, and in so doing, we open the doors
    to hatred and violence.

    And when something as terrible as Columbine's tragedy occurs - politicians immediately
    look for a scapegoat such as the NRA. They immediately seek to pass more restrictive
    laws that contribute to erode away our personal and private liberties. We do not need
    more restrictive laws.

    "Eric and Dylan would not have been stopped by metal detectors. No amount of gun
    laws can stop someone who spends months planning this type of massacre. The real
    villain lies within our own hearts. Political posturing and restrictive legislation are not the
    answers. The young people of our nation hold the key. There is a spiritual awakening
    taking place that will not be squelched! We do not need more religion.

    We do not need more gaudy television evangelists spewing out verbal religious garbage.
    We do not need more million dollar church buildings built while people with basic needs
    are being ignored. We do need a change of heart and a humble acknowledgment that
    this nation was founded on the principle of simple trust in God!"

    "As my son Craig lay under that table in the school library and saw his two friends
    murdered before his very eyes-He did not hesitate to pray in school. I defy any law
    or politician to deny him that right! I challenge every young person in America, and
    around the world, to realize that on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School
    prayer was brought back to our schools. Do not let the many prayers offered by
    those students be in vain.

    Dare to move into the new millennium with a sacred disregard for legislation that violates
    your God-given right to communicate with Him. To those of you who would point
    your finger at the NRA - I give to you a sincere challenge. Dare to examine your own
    heart before casting the first stone! My daughter's death will not be in vain!



    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Very smart man, God bless him and his courage! Everyword was true! Thanks guys!
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    He's spoken the words of truth. Let's just hope it doesn't fall on deaf ears.


    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Sadly it usually does Benny. Brave men speak out for naught anymore, but its gotten a little better with Dubya in the house!
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    It's nice that he kinda defends the NRA, but injecting christianity where it does not belong is wrong. When religion ruled the world it was called The Dark Ages. Look at countries where religion is law and you find more violence and injustice than in countries where religion is left where it belongs - in church.
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    Yeah look where this country is going. To the dogs.
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    Thanks for getting it posted Ox! It kept telling me that it was an unaccepted form of document. I was hoping you would be able to do it for me! Excellent speech. I about fell over when he told people to quit blaming the NRA! You don't hear that very day!
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    I disagree. I may be wrong, but i think that the dark ages is the time from around 400-1000 after the Roman empire fell and europe was ruled by the various tribes that defeated the romans. religon never ruled the world. there was a time when most of europe was christian and most of the the middle east and north africa moslem, but that is hardly the world. While it is true that countries where islam or atheism is law, there is much violence and injustice, many of the countires that are either christian or founded on christianity are also known as the free world. you also forget one country that was founded on christianity, and is the greatest country in the world today. one more thing, maybe it's jsut a coincidence, and maybe it's not, but have you ever noticed a correlation between the removal of God from the schools, and the decline of America's youth?
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    Wish I could have put so well johno. :right:
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    Lenny, I respect your opinion. Not a problem in the world with it, but I think you missed the geture the I got from the speech. It was the NRA part that really caught my eye. When it comes to religion, to each his own.......
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    I agree with johno, I see stuff going way down hill when God is taken out of every school. It's not in one feel swoop though, it's little by little this happens and I know that's not on purpose. Whether you chip away the block one tiny piece at a time or blow it up at once, the result is the same. It sickens and saddens me.

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    Lenny loves to argue about religion, I don't bother anymore. I know where I'm going when I pass this mortal plain. Lenny is lost.
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    Deleted post. It was childish of me..... I had psoted something here, but upon thinking about it, I didn't like the thought I conveyed. Sometimes I can't believe the things that cross my mind.......:kinky: :kinky:
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    It sure hasn't fallen on deaf ears here. I read it and wow...I got chill bumps!

    when I become Senator or Govenor this is one thing I want to do, is re-awaken a part of the american spirit in people. People are so stupid now adays. But that maybe a few years before I can actually get there.
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    Based on the reaction of the legislators he was addressing, I'd say they did their level best to brush him off as soon as he was done.

    Lenny, I think you missed the point about the prayer in schools. He was using Christianity as an example, but I think he was saying that whatever your belief, you should have the right to pray about the situation wherever you are. Whether Christian, Morman, Jewish, Buddist, or Islamic. He was making a point for all of us, not just the Christians among us. Conversely, he pointed out the assailants apparent lack of faith that brought this tragedy to fruition. He even goes so far as to criticize and condemn the fashionable faith practices that fill our media.
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    Sen. or Gov.? Man I want you to run for Prez. dude! :right:
  18. Chris ......You got my vote!!!!
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    Anyone can pray in any school whenever they want. I don;t know what you guys are talking about regarding prayer in school. I saw it happen all the time in the school I went to. I have never seen or heard of a student getting in trouble for prayer...unless that student was on a loudspeaker trying to "lead the school in paryer". Will someone please reference anything having to do with abolishing prayer in school?