Them New Henrys:

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by hooker, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. hooker

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    Like to hear from any of you who have the Henry .22 rifle. I've read its a lot of gun for the money. I have got to get a new .22, just ain't made up my mind yet on what kind. thanks a lot.
  2. Klaus

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    WHICH Henry .22 rifle? There are a bunch of totally different guns out there with the Henry name, including the AR-7.

  3. hooker

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    Well I did'nt specify did I? OK, the lever actions.
  4. 6string

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    My friend has the standerd Herny lever .22 and it's lever is so smooth. It shots shorts to longrifle witch is nice. I was vary impressed with this gun. Under $200.00
  5. Red Ryder

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    I got a .22 lever a couple of years ago. The gun couldn't hit a full sheet of newspaper at 25 yards. I sent it back to Colt Blackpowder and they fixed it. Since then, no trouble. It functions very well. I don't like the plastic parts and the wierd metal receiver, but it is fine for $200- or so. It does pick up shorts. I haven't seen a long in a "long" time.
  6. Tim W

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    Bought one about a year ago..It is a nice little rifle for the money. A guy at the gunshop told me that the Henry Co. bought the patent from Ithaca and copied it after their old saddle gun. I use shorts in mine to maintain the chipmunk population. Feeds good and a fun plinker.
    just my 02¢
  7. Bought the Henry Gold Boy .22 in November of last year. Had to send it back to company for fine tuning (wouldn't eject spent casings reliably). The company was exceptional, friendly to deal with, honest and turn-around was about 15 days.

    The action is as smooth as butter....gawd, it's nice. It's accurate for an out-of-the-box gun. Although I did have to tweak the rear sight some. And that brass receiver is just shouting to be engraved.

    They are coming out with the .22 mag version of the Gold Boy in June. Just might get one of those too.

    BTW, the Henry Gold Boy cost me $330 which is about average here in Arizona.
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  8. Logansdad

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    Henry has done to the rimfire rifle market what Kimber had done to the 1911A1 market. I used to work in a gun store in Atlanta and we sold every Henry we could lay our hands on. I never heard anything bad about them. Our customers would brag on their own Henry rifles and make the sale for us.