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On this post I am working on files which cover a black finish on the M1 Garand. I have a number of files dated in 1939 which talk about NOT using Parkerizing as a finish on the M1 Garand. It seems that a treatment called "Pentrate" being used seems to work but comes out "shiney". Then files talk about using "Parkolac" as a finish. Ordnance found that keeping the parts in longer gave a darker finish. You must understand that many files on the M1 Garand have been destroyed or lost over the years. No one thought that 60 years later these combat rifles would become collectable and data on them so important. What I am looking for from you guys is do any of you have data or info that could help us find out more about this subject. I am working on a theory about this but I want to hear your input. Yes, I think it's a interest problem. Here's one file on the subject.

Looking foward for your input about this theory.
Here's the other sites address:
Thanks again
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