There is a drive-by, serial cow killer on the loose

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    I just love the way the press blows stuff up.....I just love this quoat..: "There is a drive-by, serial cow killer on the loose"
    McDonalds is a serial killer....mass murder useing this logic....I admit its wrong to do drive bys on cows but come on Serial killer.

    Police Seek Drive-By Cow Killer
    Last Animal Shot About 6 Weeks Ago
    Posted: 11:14 a.m. EDT July 15, 2002
    Updated: 11:34 a.m. EDT July 15, 2002

    BASILE, La. -- There is a drive-by, serial cow killer on the loose in Acadiana, according to the Acadia Parish Sheriff's Office and the Louisiana Department of Agriculture.

    Officials are asking for the public's help in catching whomever is responsible for shooting and killing cows in the northwestern part of the parish, near Basile, La.

    In the past eight months, 14 cows standing near fences have been shot and killed -- the victims of apparent drive-by shootings. The last animal was killed about six weeks ago, agriculture department spokesman Lloyd Dartez said.

    Each cow was valued at about $500. The cows belonged to four different landowners within a three- to four-mile radius of each other.

    The sheriff's office and the agriculture department are offering a cash reward for information about the shootings. Reward posters have been placed in area schools, businesses and feed stores, Dartez said.
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    Must be the next step beyond "Cow Tipping". Will the police have a "Steak-out"? What will PETA make of all this? :rolleyes:

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    We had a real wiz bang here a couple of years ago, this silly SOB was out shooting cows with his bow, he was pretty good at it too!

    He could really track them cows, I can't remember if he was taking parts (hind 1/4's etc..)for food, but he piled up a few bovines.

    He got out,didn't serve much time, and we see him every now and again. Kinda get nervous when we see his truck out near our place. We call the dogs in, just in case!
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    this reminds me

    of the retards that were out shooting wild horses in Nevada a few years ago. As I recall one was a marine on leave and his accomplice was a local. I think they got pretty harsh sentences. Seems like they killed over a hundred horses. Should've had 'em trampled
  5. We have some idiot here doing the same thing. I ride my motorcycle on some state trust land north of town and last time out I saw 5 dead cows. They had all been shot. Its got to be someone on an atv. I hope they dont close this area off because of some jerk. Riding areas out here are getting fewer and fewer.
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    A while back I tripped up on a website that purported to be a guy showing how to hunt - urban style. His favorite prey - cows. He played it off as one of those parody sites. Now, I'm wondering. I didn't know this kind of crap was so wide spread. Several dead cows means the loss of quite a bit of money to the farmer/rancher. I support prosecuting these morons to the full extent of the law.
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    Real sporting. "Tracking down the wily cow."

    NRAJOE YOU TALKIN' TO ME!? Forum Contributor

    Better look for Baby Face Nelson from "Oh Brother Where Art Thou" !
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    Hey, in Cinicnatti a couple of months ago, there was a bull that broke out of a slaughter house and remained at large for 2 weeks. Cops couldn't find him in a park where he was hiding. They even used FLIR but STILL couldn't find it. Took a farmer 2 days to get him out of there. Now, he's on a farm where he'll live out the rest of his natural life. I just don't understand how a 1000 lb. bull could evade people like that, but I'm glad he got a pardon. Chalk one up for Bovine University......
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    Great police work.
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    I'm with Joe, "Cows, I hate cows more than coppers!" "Oh no George, not the livestock"
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