... there is nothing like a bit of good news amongst the bad...

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  1. Great Video , thanks for posting it.
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    Thanks for the good post Larry.
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    Man, that sure pulls the heart-strings!
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    Thanks, Larry, that was heartwarming.
  5. Glad to be able to bring some good into people's hearts and minds vs. the crap we are shoveled daily from the mainstream types who'd never show such things.

    Great to have you all here... the brotherhood is stronger than most think...
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    That story touched me so much LarryO and I want to thank you for it.The look on her face was priceless.
  7. When I returned from Saudi, there was an F-15 pilot I recall leaning down to pick up his lunging daughter.

    It was priceless... the image is stuck in my mind... cannot find it on line anymore. It was on the cover of "The Leading Edge" in the late summer of 1996.

    Images like that ... honestly, make me tear up every time I see them.
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    Because I care:
    (The image is HUGE, big enough it won't allow it to be attached)

    That and others can be found here: Air Force Link - Media Search
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    Larry, each time we went to Camp Pendleton for one of the kids coming home, it was a time of joy and tears. To watch loved ones welcome their warriors home, and to be a part of it, is such a heartwarming occasion, it almost erases the months of worry, and fear. I met my oldest son's first sargeant at one of those homecomings, and could see where my son got his inspiration to be a top Marine. This guy would make a heck of a recruiting poster. Thanks for the great posts!
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