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Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by augerx, Mar 23, 2002.

  1. augerx

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    Recently I had purchased two 30 rnd. Thermold magazines made by D&D inc. for about $25 each. I was told that the Canadian Military uses these particular mags. They seem to fit very snug unlike my metal USGI mag. Has anyone used these, and what kind of luck have you had with them?
  2. m14nut

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    Both Thermold and Orlite Mags work well, but in MY AR the orlites dont hold open on the last shot. every other type and brand work, but orlites don't.
    I have read that the thermold and orlite mags are designed to be used as survival tools in the fact that they can be put to flame without smoke and used to provide warmth ect.
    But then agian, any mag that feeds correctly could be considered a 'survival tool'.
    I guess once you heat your MRE with your mag you could throw your ammo at your enemy.:D

  3. Hank Springer

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    Augerx, The only plastic mags I've used are part of a few cases I bought in the early 90s. When I closed my shop I kept some of them for my own use. They are unmarked except for a small circle in the lower corner with 0/18 inside. I was told that they were made in Israel. I have used them in auto and semiauto and have not had a problem.
  4. Tober

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    Thermamold Mags a re great mags, and 25$ is a great price. I have seen them sell out at prices for 40$, they are actually made in a place called Wilson,North Carolina and used for Canada Military.

    These are great as if they are dropped they don't get dings in them, and considering the cost to some other mags these are exceptional buy
  5. SteveO

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    I haven't used the thermamold but I do have some Orlite mags and they work well in my AR's. If the thermamold and Orlite are comparable in performance you should try CDNN. They have the Orlite 30 round mags (used) for $9.99 each. I just ordred five of them yesterday. As far as 30 round mags go, you can't beat that price!