Things I've been making this summer

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    Since I've been spending more time at home this summer, I've been trying to whittle down my pile of scrap wood in the garage. Here are a few things that I've whipped up to keep me out of trouble.
    • MAGA-zine rack for my AR & LR308 platform rifles.
    • I've made two of these American Flags (one as a gift to my dad, and one for myself)

    • MAGAzine rack.jpg flag.jpg flag 2.jpg
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    Nice work I really like the flag . I have been doing the same I’m in the middle of remodeling the bedroom. Plus I’m putting in a small wood burning stove in the living room. After I get all that done I can start canning. There are a few other projects I want to get wrapped up before winter .

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    I just finished up this room in our house too, the photo is before getting the 1/4 round put down around the base. I'm getting too old to spend that much time on my knees putting down floor.
    fr room 2.jpg
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    Yawl do good work:) Thanks :) for sharing :) another part of life :)
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    Nice work! I'm impressed!
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