Think Gas is High? Try Europe

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    American motorists are understandably grumbling over skyrocketing gas prices as the summer travel season approaches. But their pain hardly registers against the rage afoot in Europe these days. Fishermen, truck drivers and farmers are threatening to bring entire economic sectors to a halt with protests against crippling fuel costs. The wave of angry action is expected to spread further across Europe in coming days, despite efforts by political leaders to feel the pain and figure out how to alleviate it.

    Think Gas is High? Try Europe - TIME
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    Yea their prices are ridiculous, but then again.... they've always been high cross the pond.

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    The comparison is unfair - Europeans pay far higher taxes than we do - thank their Goobermints for that, not OPEC! :eek:wned2:
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    On the news today, gasoline prices in this area are $1.00 more per gallon than this time last approximate 26% increase in twelve months. Diesel is even more.
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    True story. Let Europe be Europe. Let the USA be the USA. It upsets me a bit when people I know imply that we outa just live like them. Screw that! We didn't get to the top of the food chain to settle on living 2 blocks from work in a one bedroom flat & walking to the grocery store. This country was built on WHEELS! if that gets screwed up, were not the same country. We don't want to live like our brothers in Europe:34:
  6. Europe . . .

    . . . does have high gas prices yet it must be noted Europeans also
    have the advantage (in almost all of the non-former-soviet) areas
    of rapid, cheap, and dependable mass transit so a car is really an option rather than a necessity for work. They can rent all manner of cars for
    vacations if they wish.
  7. I saw on one of the News shows Tuesday where the Saudies are concerned about the price of a barrel of oil.
    Even after they told President Bush they would'nt increase production, they are going too !
    They went on to say that they and other oil ministers want to see oil back down to $50 to $60 a barrel.

    Lets hope when they meet they will sell there oil cheaper.