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Think we'll ever see a war?

Discussion in 'Political/Religious Topics' started by PAPA G, Feb 16, 2017.

  1. grizcty

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  2. don5544

    don5544 G&G Evangelist

    The way y'all are talking I think your looking forward to a civil war.

    I'm personally scared.

    I never want to shot another person. It sucks.
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  3. don5544

    don5544 G&G Evangelist

    The war will start with a riot. On the second or third night as the riot moves outward some guys band together to stop it(most are thinking saving their homes, some just want to kill). They shoot down 50. The next night 500 die. Within 5 days people are leaving to save their lives while hundreds arrive just to kill.

    If you want to know what will happen look at Sieria, Bosnia, Siera Leon.
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  4. Big Dog

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    Don't want war. I am not in physical shape for it. But I do believe it is inevitible. It IS coming. I will defend my self and my property til I go down. And take as many goblins as possible in the smoking hole where my home was.
    I hate that idea. But I am prepared.
    We will not begin the dance, but we can call the tune, and we will end it.
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  5. chesterwin

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    The attitude of "protect the office".
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  6. chesterwin

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  7. austinjoe13

    austinjoe13 G&G Evangelist

    Tensions are seriously rising, and there's enough crazy going around to start something. I really hope nothing happens, but I'd be surprised if nothing happened.
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  8. gsbuickman

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    It doesn't matter who they are, Republicans Or democrats. They're all on the same side they all serve the same corporate Masters, they put on a circus sideshow to fool the sheeple into believing they have a choice between the parties. Couple that with everything we see and hear being controlled by 6 media corporations that are owned by 6 defense corporations that make their money by building and selling the weapons of war, not to mention the fact the politicians passed a law making it legal for them to use propaganda against us here in the states. I don't think anything will improve until we flatten DC & turn it into a **** parking lot .
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  9. Nobody with half a brain wants a civil war. Just because you don't want something does not mean that it is not coming. Right now there is a real threat with the Liberals who want some sort of quasi commie socialism, Muslims who want sharia, and the paid provocateurs all banding together and rioting. They try to block free speech, freedom of thought and equal liberty that all of us take for granted. They want to take our youth, our wealth, and our rights to grant privilege to those who they see fit to receive them. Unfortunately the enemy gets a vote in war weather you want to or not.
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  10. Txwheels

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    You nailed it!
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  11. TXplt

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    There will surely be more wars, and it's a pretty safe bet the US will be involved in some of them. To that end yes.

    Those who have experienced it know that war is God's little corner of Hell on earth to show us mortals what it's kinda like and we don't want to be there.

    For the US itself, maybe. In one corner we have the constitutionalists and people who seek freedom and liberty. In the other we have a hodgepodge of well funded statists who wish to leverage the public treasury (and the backs of the working man) in their never ending quest for power. These are mostly a few miscreants who want to rule their corner of the world and tell everyone else what to do while they feed off of them. We've seen the incited violence of paid statists--their MO is as old as Macedonia but it involves some agitators whipping everyone up into a violent frenzy and exploiting mob dynamics. This is accompanied by manipulation via paid information sources (i.e. the media)--the 'issues' are irrelevant.

    Whether it's the muslims and sharia (where a few 'leaders' get their power by using their religion as a tool to modify behavior such that it violently attacks people who happen to believe other things and their own members follow draconian rules made up by the leaders), the statists and their utopia (where a few 'leaders' get their power by promising a cradle to grave utopia if only we take a few rich peoples stuff and write a lot of rules for people to follow--kinda like their own religion), or even a cult it's always the same. The divisions (money, religion, race, you name it) are arbitrary and made up for the miscreants gain. And always results in some of the worst human misery known to mankind. Been played out all over.

    I see some otherwise very intelligent people being whipped into a frenzy and panicking; rather than doing something constructive they look to destroy SOMETHING. Their imagined lot in life is SOMEONE ELSES' fault.

    Think about the insanity of the liberal. We bend over backwards to let violent terrorists from a 'trendy' religion (which actively kills and persecutes other religions) get into OUR country ?!!? Are you nuts ? The same religion that stones the gays and women you want to 'protect' ?

    Or take homosexuality. We have a small fraction of our population who is homosexual/lesbian (like maybe five percent). Fine. It's not government's place to be in the bedroom and most people can live with that. Live and let live. Who cares. They get to deal with the problems of life just like everyone else.

    But now we bend over backwards to coerce others who are in the vast majority to embrace this and change THEIR lives such that it's oriented toward a small minority of the population ?!!? Not simply acceptance of others' lifestyles but coercion to accommodate everything they do with OUR efforts and resources ?

    Again are you NUTS ?!!?

    For years we had a creeping plutocracy funded on the backs of people who actually do things. This pool of people actually doing things has decreased over the years such that we have to import much of our help. As has working conditions decreased for those actually doing things and a greater fraction of what they do sent to the state. Some have opted out; many have continued to play. Ever wonder what happened to the stay at home mom (or dad) of the leave it to Beaver era ? He or she now works--you can't get money out of a stay at home parent and spouse (who does a lot of very important things and is of very great value).

    And now the kids get taught by the statists with their agenda. Pretty clever, Huh ?

    By having them work (under the guise of liberation or simply to make ends meet) the state gets to tax the work they do--and then use that tax money to leverage more borrowing for more power. This money goes to themselves, and into 'programs' to feed us and 'protect' us from cradle to grave thus leveraging more votes and money to the divvy outers. Those riding in the cart become afraid that their meal ticket will be cut off and vote for someone promising the most goodies (not realizing that the goodies are cheese in a trap and that they are making their own chains of enslavement).

    Many real Americans saw this for what it was--thus the massive populism and vote for an outsider. They are tired of laboring for 'the man' and prefer liberty to enslavement (and know that a soft tyranny often turns hard). This faces significant resistance to those whose meal tickets are rooted in statism (whether it's the mobs or the guys in ties telling everyone what to do). So we can expect them to fight back.

    The statists (including muslim extremists in this because it's still statism it just uses a different flavor) ARE going to fight back. We've seen their behavior. So a collision is certainly possible. And they do have a lot of well funded backers who hate liberty and love slavery. In essence it's a form of war against slavery all over again; except this slavery has been creeping rather than more overt. And it's sometimes fought with words and pens.

    Does it get away from this into the more violent operations. Probably. Perhaps they'll remain skirmishes. It's not too hard to figure out who the BGs are; they're the ones violently inciting riots and destruction. And those whom they attack certainly do have the right of self defense.

    There are plenty of dupes, drones, and useful idiots who have been fed the kool-aid. Most of these are too pu$$ified to fight except when they can act as bullies in a mob.

    Does it turn into a shooting war ? Dunno. Many of the vets and others have seen this play out all over the world and see it for what it's worth. So they will be prepared to continue to defend the constitution and liberty.

    Guess we'll see.
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  12. Rave

    Rave G&G Evangelist

    A bit of a long write but full of interesting and relivent material,much more interesting and informative than some other droning ones,all in all a very interisting and informative post that I think is important and very well done with out a lot of blah blah added for filler.
    Thank you very much for going to all the effort,I like it! :usa:
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  13. Jaison

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    Here, here!!
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  14. Ten Man

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    I think that no one in their right mind wants civil war.

    By the same token I hope that there are enough of us that will fight for the Constitutional values this country was founded on, if the war does come. If there are not, then the "dream" HAS DIED.
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  15. Ten Man

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    NOW I see what the term "mangina" refers to! LOL!!!!!
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  16. PAPA G

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    Good post Ten Man. What really is getting me is the bullets start flying I won't be able to participate. I have so much crap going on with my body I would be more of a burden than an asset. Good luck to all who maybe fighting for the cause. :usa:
  17. Jaison

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    We got your six, PAPA G.
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  18. Big Dog

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    PapaG, same here, but every army needs,more than warriors. We old dogs can't fight on the sharp end, but we can work logistics, reload ammo, cook, patch up the wounded, run comms, etc., etc.
    We will serve too. :usa2: :cool:
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