Think you know a lot about Mosins?

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by Chris, May 16, 2008.

  1. Chris

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  2. just_a_car

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    Edit: when I click the link, this is all I get. White screen with that message.
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  3. Mooseman684

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    I scored 102 !!!!
    Perfect score !
  4. Dang it I got a phone call and timed out on one.
  5. Chris

    Chris G&G Evangelist Staff Member Forum Contributor

    Quit breaking stuff, JAC ;)

    I said there was 10 questions...when really there is only 6 :)

    and it times out after 45 seconds per question.
  6. Mooseman684

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    NO excuses allowed...Havent you heard of multi-tasking ??? LOL
  7. just_a_car

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    Seems to be my job around here... at least I report 'em to ya instead of leavin' 'em all broked! :09:

    Oh, and I found a work-around to the "New Posts" search feature problem I PM'd you about. It's still bugged, but I can see everything now by clicking the first page after clicking the second page; takes me back and I get all of what should have been on the first page.
  8. Big Dog

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    I get the same error JAC gets....:sad2:
  9. damage855

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    102, just more proof that I am the man. LOL
  10. neophyte

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    Just following along and reading 85% not too shabby for trying to learn.
    Didn't have a total feel for the 'designers'
  11. jmp8927

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    I get same as JAC...
  12. SwedeSteve

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    No. Not yet! Oh let me see..
  13. jmp8927

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    ooook. I had to use internet explorer for it...I hate using that...would it be possible to edit this quiz so its available to firefox users?
  14. marion57

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    We are all learning every day !
  15. Enfield trader

    Enfield trader G&G Newbie

    scored 102 6 out of 6

    pretty easy
  16. I'm sure that tha quiz was pretty easy for most of the participants here, and was kinda fun. About the only one that newcomers might have had problems with is the designer question.

    Thanks Chris.
  17. I got a 102% also - 6 out of 6! I thought that added up to 100%?!?
    Does this mean I'm as smart as Moose?

    :hitwithrock:yeah right.
  18. billy

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