Thinking of an M1A, have some questions

Discussion in 'M14/M1A' started by aris_unlimited, Aug 25, 2010.

  1. aris_unlimited

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    Hey guys I was looking at getting a new M1A and figured for the price I would probably get the base model.

    What kind of accuracy can I expect out of the base model?

    And what kind of alterations can I make to it over time (as budget allows) to improve the accuracy?

    I know some people will tell me to go with the national match, but is it really worth the extra $500 (according to my retail source)?
  2. Well,

    this question can elicit a wide variety of thoughts.

    Personally, I do not understand the rationale of buying lower end and modifying with your dollars when your objective is readily available for
    probably less than the cost you would spend on mods with no guarantee of success.

    Buy the national match and enjoy the performance.

  3. aris_unlimited

    aris_unlimited G&G Evangelist

    One of the things I don't like about the national match is that it doesn't come with a synthetic stock, and I like those better than wood (I know, I know shame the very thought). So that means I would have to move up to a super match if I still wanted great accuracy with a synthetic stock, and that price is incredibly higher.
  4. Ninja Piper

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    I guess the main question is what are you going to use it for? I personally would spend the extra on the NM model.
  5. The NM models are bedded and that means you don't remove the rifle from the furniture more than a few times before it needs to be skin bedded again.

    I completely strip my rifle after a range outing, no bedding for my. There are things you can do to make a good, repeatable rifle to furniture fit.

    I would go with a loaded model, you get a NM barrel, improved sights. SA well do a NM trigger job for $25 last time I checked. As you have the funds you can upgrade as you wish. Op-rod guide and spring, unitize the gas cylinder, ream the flash suppressor, true NM sights.

    A loaded model should give you 2+/-moa with good ammo, after basic NM mods you cut that in half.
  6. Rex Kramer

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    Find an older Loaded model and buy it cheap, then put it in another stock if you wish.
  7. aris_unlimited

    aris_unlimited G&G Evangelist

    The shop does have a used loaded model. Can anyone suggest a good synthetic stock for it?
  8. lefty o

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  9. Rex Kramer

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    Find a tight fitting USGI synthetic and rock-on.
  10. basqueechmo

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    +1 for the loaded model. Mine shoots MOA at 100 and sub MOA out to 400 with good ammo. Only mod to mine is a bipod and scope/scope mount. cheaper than the NM and shoots just fine for a semi-auto.
  11. +1

    Check Gunbroker, lot of stuff for the M1A/M14.
  12. aris_unlimited

    aris_unlimited G&G Evangelist

    Sad to say, I have put off getting an M1 yet again. I took some time and realized that I have some other priorities, mostly getting the body work done on my 'cuda before the snow falls.
  13. Bart B.

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    I find it interesting that some folks don't want to remove an M1A's barreled receiver out of the stock very often. I've never had a problem removing the same stuff from match conditioned Garands nor have top shooters from military rifle teams with M14NM's.One thing that has to happen is the trigger guard has to be unlatched after shooting and remain so when the rifle's stored. That keeps the trigger guard's tension pulling down on the receiver into the stock more at where it's supposed to be.The above aside, if the semiauto's not rebuilt right, frequent separating the barrel group from the stock may well be detrimental.
  14. dhermesc

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    Where would you find one of those?

    The decent used M1as I find are priced at 90% of new (and some are priced at new and more than a few are priced HIGHER than new) no matter what the condition. I just looked at a used MA9102 at a pawn shop. Very nice condition but priced at $1500, the exact same rifle is available Ozark guns for $1320. I haven't seen a used one priced less that $1400 in the last 3 years.
  15. BigEd63

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    While not a match shooter I've found the same to be true. Most stocks I've used are GI fiberglass ones I've filled in and bedded the action to.