Thinking of getting a Ishapore .308......

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by powerkicker, Apr 15, 2002.

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    What are the things to look for in one of these rifles?What problems are particular to the Indian gun in .308 as opposed to the .303's?If any of you own one,I'd really like to hear your thoughts on it before I buy one.Thanks....
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    Re: Ishapore .308

    Because of the higher pressures of the .308 cartridge, the Ishapore is made of higher quality steel than the regular Enfields.

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    O.K., My opinions.
    AVOID ANY ENFIELD CONVERTED TO 7.62x51/.308 . They were'nt designed for the round, it's a BAD idea.
    Real 2A/2A1's are designed from the start for the 7.62X51 NATO Standard round.
    Some say the Ishapore's are ugly brute's. They can come with Tammy Fay Baker style heavy black paint (mine was cleaned) and what some consider ugly, inferior wood. I like mine.
    Accuracy. Well, I'll be honest I've only shot mine once, cold, I shot 240 out of 300 at 200 yards. good enough for me. With some more quality time with her this will improve.
    Now, for "combat" I'll take Sheila my '42 MkIII Lithgow. Sidra, my '65 2A1 of which I was speaking now uploads fine (after considerable monkeying with the mag lips) but will not fling shells clear consistently. Combination of a stiff extractor spring and a worn ejector screw. The upload and Extraction/ejection problems seem to be systemic Ishy issues. That said, they can be overcome but require alot of "tweaking"
    I am very pleased all in all with mine, and intend to keep her. Hopefully this will be of some assistance to you, Good luck.
    By the way, my 2A1 cost me $150.00 US. Perhaps a bit high but she is in good shape and has all matching numbers ( alot of Ishys have serialized rear sights as well, make sure you look if you care about such things) and a strong bore.
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    The Brits converted many #4 Mk1's,1/2's,1/3's and#4 Mk2's to 7.62 Nato with stellar results. The conversions were the L-39, which had fixed sites and the L-42, which was a military issued sniper rifle built from the WW2 vintage #4 Mk1T. This rifle was used by the SAS up until 1992 and had a super track record. The L-39's and L-42's had a modified match bull barrel and a special magazine made by both Enfield and Sterling ( for the 7.62 Nato round). The #4 action handles the 7.62 Nato round quite well. Many a Soviet was shot by an L-42 during the Soviet/Afghan War.
    These rifles as well as the 2A represent successful uses of the 7.62 Nato round to the Lee Enfield action.

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    Jesse, GOOD POINT. I was focused on the 2A series and forgot about the British L's. You are quite right in that they are excellent choices but in my experiance quite rare ( at least in this neck of the woods!). I was trashing the "bubba" type gunsmithing one occasionally comes across where some one had a "good idea" and re-bored a .303 outside of an Enfield factory environment. Thanks for reminding me
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    Re: Ishapore .308

    But, the man asked about Ishapores, which were built for the .308. They are stronger than Enfields chambered for the .303 and re-chambered in .308. The re-chambering is okay as long as the new cartridge has the same chamber pressure as the .303. I have a Sharps-Lee reproduction which uses a No.1 Mk3 action and is chambered for the .444 Marlin. The Marlin is about the same as the .303 for chamber pressure.
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    I had my Ishapore completely stripped and parkerized it. That finish really looks great. The Ishy extractor.. well, one thing I noticed about mine was the tendency for it to cling to the unfired rounds when I cycled them out of the mag. Fired shells go flying.

    Weak extraction. Fired shells weigh less. I don't mind having the unfired cases right where I can grab them.. maybe that was the intended purpose? Not sure. I like mine, but again, if I were to go to battle, I'd take my No 4 Mk2.
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    Just picked up an Ishy, fired a few rounds out of it. The bolt head opens when it is fired. That a bad thing? I was thinking on tricking it out and trying to accurize it but if it is a loss I'll save my money and time and get a new rifle.
    Anybody know what it takes to accurize the Ishy? If there are replacement bolt heads available?
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    What do you mean that the bolt head opens?
  10. Just picked up one in 308. Hopefully will get out some to try it out.
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    I bought one a while back in "good condition with a cracked stock" for $99. with the intention of putting it in a synthetic stock and making a hunting rifle out of it. other than a couple of well repaired spots on the stock, the rifle was in very good condition. it shoots really nice but I have to find a different height front sight blade because with the rear sight all the way down, it shoots about 12" high at 50 yd (the farthest I was able to shoot it) I like the rifle and it looks good in the sporter stock. I load medium power .308 150 gr. soft point loads for it. Once I get the sight problem fixed (or scope it) I will shoot some deer with it. they are well made rifles, get one