This came out of the mouth's of Police Officers Today

Discussion in 'The Powder Keg' started by oneastrix, Oct 9, 2002.

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    As many of you know, I am having surgery on my spine Friday. Thank God it's out-patient. We caught the problem before it required a full neck/back overhaul so to speak (which I now lovingly call "The Full Tommy":D. I guess I've gone an ordered myself the "Half Tommy":D)!

    Today I was asked by several different officers at work, "Why didn't you say it happened on the job?" The answer is simple. I've been in pain for quite a while now. The injury is not directly related to this particular police department. "Yeah, but if you say it is, they'll pay the bill."

    Well, I'm not like that. Stuff like that is the reason medical insurance, workman's comp....etc etc etc is such a pain in the butt to deal with.

    Guess I have a lot to learn, but to think that some cops said that to me. We were sworn in on a code of ethics. Those ethics are based on American idealism. Granted the new left wing, loser American Ideal seems to be to get a free hand out everywhere you can. But I swear, some of us still have to have a little bit of integrity.......
  2. Proud of ya! Its the right thing to do. Its something that many people know little about.....its called honesty.

  3. I agree with you 1*.

    I wish you well with your back. Any back problem can be a miserable experience.

    It's a cliche', I know, but there is some truth to the addage, "It all comes back around."

    I've seen people who claimed they were injured in the line of duty because, in their mind, it buffers them from a 'fitness for duty' physical that could wash them out.

    Whenever someone compromises their intregrrety or values they generally get wrapped up in something bigger on down the road.

    I commend you on your beliefs and standards.
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    Roger that Dale....Could keep you from moving on to another dept also...especially if you claim, "Work related..."
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    OK, gotta get one more........900 posts! Immature of me, I know, but couldn't log off at 899!LOL
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    1*, hats off to you.
  7. Man It's too late now to claim injury on the job. You went public with it. I won't tell if you don't. My best wishes 1*. May God speed. 900 you can reach 1000 in a week.:D :D
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    It's because my parents had no problem with beating the ever loving dog snot out of me when I told them a lie! I'm serious about that...I'm 26, and my mother still has no prob whacking me up the backside of the head!

    It's funny. The older you get, the smarter you parents get...They really study up between the time you're 18 and the tiem you're 26! LOL
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    1*, good job man! Those are my sediments exactly. Gonna have to give you a 6 pack of decent beer next time I'm in San Antone.
  10. Klaus you are joking I'm sure--Did you forget the dictionary. I apologize Klaus too many brews.:D :D
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    I thought "sediment" was when I drank too many beers and then took a vitamin to avoid a hang over. I get the bright yellow pis$... OK I'll stop!LOL

    I read ya loud and clear Klaus.....
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    Im realy not shocked 1* I mean cops are people and in my view we Amreicans no longer take oats or commitments seriously....when I was a USMC Recrutier I had kids back out of the contracts all the social work I leared ..heared almost every way to "beat" the system....we could even say the Enron thing was no diffrent than the I got hurt at work for $$ scam...same basic lack of moral princapals...We have Priest (vow of celabi) porking kids....and of course lets not forget the shining example of oath breaking ... Bill the zipper Clinton. So why would/should cops be any the erosion of ethics in this fact being more exposed to it I would actualy find them MORE the better the companies $$ than mine way of seeing the world.
    I would like to think that in this world there is the good guys and the bad...wright vs wrong.....but I guess too many years of seeing child molesters walk free....mothers giveing up their children to the state with out a care...and all manner of quality people I meet in the 10 yrs I were a social worker....I see the world .. especialy this country as a very IMORAL...I'll get mine and you get your own right/wrong only depeneds on how good your attorny is.

    I sometimes look at the religous fanatic muslim countries and for all their brazen lack of human to admit that it at least looks like they run a pretty tight crack were near the scum walking the streets we have.
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    doesn't surprise me much either. seen it a few times myself too. there's been time when i've been wrong and gotten chewed out by my supervisors, not for being wrong but for getting caught.
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    I was kidding about the "sediments". Of course I meant "sentiments". I heard the line about sediments before and thought it was funny, so I used it here. And people accuse me of not having a sense of humor ...
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    Yep Klaus...It's somewhere in there!
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    that sad i had a guy i knew that did that well he almost died on the table during surgery. if i had a choice i would have claimed it on my ins. you don't want to deal with workmans comp. at least with you'er own ins . you can get the treatment you need when you need it . but i figured it happend at work so workmans comp should pay for it .(yea right !!). i have been getting dicked around from the get go. hope it goes alright for you 1*. just be glad it didn't happen at work. ( you really don't want to have a full it is really bad when you wake up in the morning and there are two things that are
  17. NRAJOE

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    Good man 1*, if it didn't happen at work, it didn't happen at work. Your a stand up guy and it shows out on the streets! :right:
  18. Oxford

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    Oneastrix: Best of luck to you during your surgery. I'm sure you've got the best medical help possible. Get well quickly and now you'll have more time for g&G.

    Klaus: I figured you had a sense of humor in there somewhere. I like that side of you when it comes out.
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    Hats off to ya 1*, integrity goes along way.

    Good luck with the surgury!
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    Well, I got word earlier that they are postponing it until Monday. Said that the hospital overbooked the OR! What kind of assembly line are they running?