This cost us $46,000 per chimp.

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    "The facility will house 300 chimps. The total project cost is $14 million."
    do the math 14 Million devided by 300 chimps....$46,666 per chimp....I mean could we not just get them a condo on the beach...say 2 chimps per room..4 chimps per condo and save some $$

    Gov't to Fund Home for Aging Chimps
    Federal Government Agrees to Fund Home in Louisiana for Retired Research Chimps

    The Associated Press

    SHREVEPORT, La. Sept. 30 — The federal government has agreed to pay $8 million to help build a rest home in Louisiana for aging chimpanzees once used for scientific and medical research.

    The facility, to be built in the Eddie D. Jones Nature Park, is expected to be complete by 2004. Besides former research animals, the haven will be for chimps no longer used as pets or in the entertainment business.

    "This will provide a cost-effective program for the humane treatment of chimpanzees that have been used by our government for beneficial research," Rep. Jim McCrery, R-La., said in a news release.

    Congress passed legislation last year that dedicates up to $30 million for ongoing care of chimpanzees.

    Chimp Haven Inc., a nonprofit group founded in 1995 to develop a haven for the chimps, has been raising the necessary matching funds for construction.

    The facility will house 300 chimps. The total project cost is $14 million.

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    why don't they let the public adopt them if they want too. i wouldn't mind a chimp. i already have a 7 year old son and a 13 year old . it might be easier to raise a chimp.

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    Put em down. If the needle's good enough for fido and fluffy, it's good enough for a couple of unwanted chimps.

    Get rid of the beasts. Heck, we're willing to do away with unwanted people, why support socialized animal welfare? Enough! This is ridiculous! We can't even pay to take care of our own species that well. What a waste. How about putting that money towards benefitting unfortunate humans instead?
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    Adopting is out of the question. Adult chimps are three times stronger than a human, with the mentality of a five-year old child. If he decides to throw a tantrum, you better have a twelve-gauge handy. :mad:
    This is the tree-huggers and bunny-lovers wasting tax dollars again. Better the needle. :(
  5. A thought

    If we also set up a Government funded home/aquarium facility for retired Sea World performers, on the same property as the Home for retired Chimps, we could refer to it as..............................................................

    ........Fish N Chimps!!!!

    :jaw: :jaw: :jaw:

    I know, a long way to go for a baaad joke
    Sniper out.
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    good one Sniper good one